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The Symptom of Alveolar Abscess

Abstract: Alveolar abscess is a kind of toothache that many people have. Its pain is very suffering. If you have the symptom of alveolar abscess, you must see the dentist to have an earlier treatment.

If you have a toothache, you should not ignore it. Sometimes, the toothache gets worse, it might mean that you have alveolar abscess. To see whether you have it or not, you can have an answer after you read the symptom of shanghai dental abscess. And shanghai dental suggests that everyone should have a tooth check half a year in order to prevent you from getting alveolar abscess. And if you have alveolar abscess, it is better for you to get the treatment as early as possible.

The 1st symptom of alveolar abscess

You have a bad breath and when you eat or chew food, your tooth are in throbbing pain. Meantime, if you bit down on the affected tooth, you feel the especial pain. The pain comes suddenly at first and lasts for several hours and even days. And the pain can spread in your neck, ear and even jawbone.

The 2nd symptom of alveolar abscess

The appearance of the gums is different. For example, the gums might look swollen and red. In some occasions, the gum area might have a bump on either side. Moreover, the neighboring gum tissue might become swelling and get infected.

The 3rd symptom of alveolar abscess

Your tooth or teeth can get loosen. Your tooth is very tender and you are afraid to touch it. Sometimes, the pus drains from the affected tooth, which is a strong sign that you need to see the dentist.

The 4th symptom of alveolar abscess

When the alveolar abscess is very terrible, your cheeks and face look swelling. And your lymph nodes are swollen. In that way, you have difficulty in fully opening your mouth or swallowing, which is called Truisms.

The 5th symptom of alveolar abscess

The infection will increase your body temperature, and you are highly possible to have a fever. When the alveolar abscess is cured, the fever will go away. When the infection get worse and spreads, you can have the feeling of sickness and you vomit and even fell chilly. This discomfort has a term: general malaise. When such a discomfort worsens, you will experience insomnia. That is to say, you cannot sleep.

The 6th symptom of alveolar abscess

You cannot eat hot, cold and sour food or liquids because your teeth can not stand . This symptom is often paid little attention by you but it can clearly tell you are having alveolar abscess or you are going to have it.

When you have a few of symptoms of above, an X-ray can tell you whether you can have the alveolar abscess or not. If you ignore that symptom and let alveolar abscess spread and affect more teeth, your teeth are not easy to cure. And the infected tooth is going to be removed. Otherwise, you will still feel unconformable.

Plublish Date: 2014-10-20

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