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Specific Tooth Filling Procedure

Abstract: As is known to all, tooth is significant for everyone. Today I am going to introduce something about tooth filling procedure in shanghai dental.

Tooth filling is a useful method to repair tooth. Many patients care about how to fill their shanghai dental and what is the tooth filling procedure. That is the reason why we need to know tooth filling procedure.

Let us talk about tooth filling material at first. Tooth filling material includes the silver tooth filling material, the gold tooth filling material, porcelain tooth filling material, combining resin tooth filling material, and so on. Different tooth filling material results to different cost and we can decide which kind of tooth filling material according to our needs.

Next I am going to introduce tooth filling procedure specifically.

The first step of the tooth filling procedure is to make cavity before filling tooth. Cavity includes the cave wall, the hole flange, the angle of the hole. The aim to make the cavity is to protect dental pulp and healthy dental tissue. Moreover, by making tooth cavity, we can clean out diseased tissue.

After the cavity is made and we disinfect tooth, we can fill the tooth and we can continue the following tooth filling procedure. The tooth filling material should be away from the saliva. We should also disinfect the cavity. Mix up the tooth filling material and then fill it into the cavity. Then carve the appearance. Be careful that the parts which are higher than the occlusal surface should be wiped off.

After filling the tooth filling material, the dentist will polish the tooth surface and clean out those residues around the tooth. This is the last step of tooth filling procedure.

Apart from the tooth filling procedure mentioned above, there are still some tips should be paid attention to.

Patients should listen to the suggestion of the dentists after tooth filling procedure. Take good care of them so that they can function well.

In addition, if your tooth aches slightly, you should observe it for a while, and this kind of ache will disappear naturally. However, if this ache becomes seriously, then you should go to see the dentist in time in order to find out the pathogenesis.

Moreover, after the tooth filling procedure, you should not use the tooth which has taken the treatment to chew the hard food instantly, for the tooth filling material need some time to become hard. And only after the tooth filling material become hard totally, can the tooth continue to chew the hard food. If you find the tooth filling cracked, you should see the dentist at once. Do not ignore it, or the tooth cavity will become bigger and bigger.

Though tooth filling procedure is quite important, the protection and care for the tooth is also necessary. I sincerely hope that this article can help you know the tooth filling procedure as well as the attention should be paid to after tooth filling.

Plublish Date: 2014-10-15

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