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How to Remove Dental Plaque

Abstract: Dental plaque is very tricky and it bothers a lot of people. How to get rid of this sticky and invisible film is what people want to know. Let’s have a look at how to remove dental plaque.

Dental plaque is a film in the teeth, which consists of various bacteria. If we don’t remove it timely, it will ruin our teeth. For example, it can cause shanghai dental and gingivitis. There are also other harms that dental plaque brings to us. The teeth disease has close relation with the heart disease. So we should know how to remove dental plaque.

We can remove dental plaque by ourselves if dental plaque is not too terrible. And there is how to remove dental plaque at home. We must brush teeth at least two times every day, and the toothpaste should have fluoride that plays an important role in removing dental plaque. Dental plaque bacteria produce acid after we have meals, which corrode tooth enamel. Gradually, the acid is enough to produce cavities. But regular tooth brushing is unable to remove all the plaque. So how can we remove dental plaque attaching between teeth? We buy dental floss or an interdental device and use them to clean teeth every day. Shanghai dental said that a water jet oral irrigator can help to rinse areas. In addition, you improve your brushing habit, which can help remove dental plaque, such as brush over 3 minutes and change the toothbrush within 3 months.

What’s more, the balanced diet is good to your health. How can we have a healthy diet? First, we should eat more fruit and vegetables instead of soft drinks and junk food.

If our teeth are terrible enough to see the dentist, we had better go to the dentist to remove dental plaque. How dentists remove dental plaque? First, a dentist has a check for us to see whether we have tartar. And if we have, he removes it with dental instrument during dental plaque removal. Our teeth may have tartar that dental plaque builds up and develops. Tartar, a hard and yellow deposit, builds up at the gum line. And he uses fluoride treatment. To prevent gingivitis and tooth loss and other gum disease, we need regular dental checkups and cleaning.

During the process, the dentist place sealants that protect teeth from plaque on hard-to-reach or heavily grooved teeth.

If we do dental plaque removal by ourselves for many times, it is necessary for us to see the dentist to have a thorough removal. Our removal at home might leave some areas in mouths unclaimed. Maybe you can have dentist do the removal within half a year.

In a conclusion, we know how to remove dental plaque at home and we have the option to ask dentists to do the cleaning. To prevent dental plaque appearing our teeth, we need to keep good habits of brushing and eating.

Plublish Date: 2014-10-08

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