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Dental Plaque Causes

Abstract: Bacteria grow on teeth and develop a sticky biofilm, which leads to dental plaque. The film is not visible but you can feel it if you rub your tongue across your teeth.

Dental plaque is very troublesome. Dental plaque causes cavities because it creates acid to erode your shanghai dental. Apart from cavities, dental plaque causes a lot of pain to you. So you become sensitive to what you eat and drink. What’s more, you are possible to get gum disease. There are many causes that you have dental plaque.

The first cause of dental plaque

Based on shanghai dental’s research, many people have dental plaque is because they don’t brush their teeth. Brushing is the best to avoid bacteria growing in your mouth, but you refuse to brush. Regular brushing is a useful and cheap defense against dental plaque. Once dental plaque forms on your teeth, it will generate acids to cause cavities which are more serious than dental plaque. Therefore, you must brush your teeth to remove dental plaque and reduce the risk of other tooth diseases. Shanghai dental advises people to brush teeth twice a day and it would be better if you use toothpaste containing fluoride. If you can’t keep brush teeth twice, it is suggested that you must brush teeth before you go to bed, because at night dental plaque forms more quickly than during the day.

The second cause of dental plaque

Flossing is not everyone does in daily life. Many people think that brushing is enough to protect teeth. But it is not right because brushing cannot remove any dental plaque or bacteria. Floss is designed to remove and clean dental plaque between teeth. And you’d better floss at least once a day.

The fourth cause of dental plaque

If you find your teeth is not right, but you don’t take any action to prevent it becoming worse. Everyone should go to the dentist at least once within 6 months. Dentist can apply professional tool to eliminate bacteria。 And it is well known that dental plaque grows very quickly. And if you just brush and floss, your teeth still have bacteria building up to cause dental plaque, so you need dentist to help you.

The fifth cause of dental plaque

Sometimes we have dental plaque is due to our eating habits. According to shanghai, food which has high levels of sugar and starches will help bacteria grow and cause dental plaque. Sugary food like candies, cakes and sodas are main causes that lead to dental plaque. If you drink sugary beverages, you must brush your teeth afterward to avoid more damages. In addition, vegetables and fruit that are unlike refined food, can remove dental plaque on the teeth.

In a word, there are many causes of dental plaque. Usually, dental plaque is not caused by just one factor. Sometimes, the patient of dental plaque doesn’t brush teeth thoroughly, at the same time; he eats plenty of junk food and drinks a lot of sugary drinks.

Plublish Date: 2014-09-30

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