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The Types of Tooth filling

Abstract: Tooth filling is popular nowadays. However, there are many tooth filling types, and in this article, we will tell you some main tooth filling types.

Tooth is very important for everyone. We must use our tooth to eat food every day. The damage of the tooth will affect our appearance, too. So if we have decayed tooth, we will choose to fill our shanghai dental. So, what is tooth filling and what are the types of tooth filling? We will introduce it as follow.

Tooth filling is very popular nowadays. We can fill our tooth if it is decayed, or it is wedge shaped defected. By using tooth filling material, we can repair our tooth in order to restore its appearance and function. If the lesion has spread to the pulp, or even cause periapical disease, we should cure the dental pulp first, and then fill our tooth after that.

There are many types of tooth filling. We can divide tooth filling into many types according to the tooth filling material. Different types of tooth filling use different tooth filling material, which also lead to different cost. Now I am going to introduce specific different types of tooth filling as follow.

Using gold filling material is a relative expensive type of tooth filling, which is regarded as a fairy remarkable tooth filling material, because the gold material is not easy to be rejected by the tooth. In addition, this type of tooth filling can ensure a longer life more than20 years. Many people would like to use gold filling material because it is durable.

Using silver tooth filling material is also popular among patients. Compared to the gold tooth filling material, it is cheaper. In addition, it is durable to use silver tooth filling material.

Using porcelain tooth filling material is also a welcome type of tooth filling, which is customized in the lab at first. After customizing it in the lab, it is inlayed into the tooth. By using this type of tooth filling material, the dirt can hardly stay on the tooth.

Moreover, there is a common type of tooth filling, which uses combining resin tooth filling material. People would like to choose it because after filling tooth, the color of the material looks just the same as the real tooth, making our tooth more beautiful.

As you can see, there are many types of tooth filling, so if you want to fill your tooth, just find a reliable shanghai dental dentist, do a examination first, then decide which type of tooth filling according to your needs. I truly hope that this article about different types of tooth filling can help you know some knowledge of tooth filling.

Tooth can affect the quality of life, because if we want to live, we must use it to eat. Care for your tooth means care for yourself. I hope that this article can also let you know the importance of the tooth and call for your cares for the tooth.

Plublish Date: 2014-09-11

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