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How to Choose Tooth Fillings Material

Abstract: Tooth filling is a very common way to repair the tooth. There is a lot of knowledge we should know about tooth filling durability.

For dental materials, there are not many people know all kinds of shanghai dental. For example, what is the tooth filling durability material? So we will introduce the knowledge about tooth filling materials---the decisive factor of tooth filling durability.

Filling material mainly has the following kinds in shanghai dental:

Tooth filling durability material 1, Calcium hydroxide pulp cement. It is a new kind of protection substrate materials. It is used as bottom materials for class III and V hole. Besides, it can be used as a composite resin block for the stimulation of the dental pulp.

Tooth filling durability material 2, Tooth gum: It will become soft when the temperature is 40 ° C, so it has plasticity. It can be used for root canal filling auxiliary material. Also, it can temporarily seal socket hole. More and more, it can be used as a test of the of the teeth temperature after heating.

Tooth filling durability material 3, Silver amalgam: It is a tin alloy compounds made by mercury and silver amalgam. It is mainly used as clinical material for class I, class II hole and V class hole that doesn’t need beautiful function; Besides, it also has been used for abutment sleeve ring hole. When we use silver amalgam to fix tooth, we should maintain a certain size of it to make sure the tooth can withstand the tooth force without breaking; the organization and the silver amalgam do not have tooth caking property. So we should prepare box holes to make the joint closely. Only in this way, we can make a durable silver amalgam restoration tooth.

Tooth filling durability material 4, Composite resin: It is a filling material which needs a large number of the special treatment of inorganic in organic synthetic resin. In order to bond tooth hard tissue, it gets the aid of tooth surface treatment technology. It is usually used for V class and III class hole filling; there is a high strength composite resin that can be used for class I and class II cavity after filling. The bonding technology also can repair class IV hole and tooth with severe tooth defect. Light cured composite resin has stable color and strong bonding ability, it is especially suitable for front teeth restoration; Chemical composite resin curing is easy to operate, although it has mild color change, it is mainly used for posterior teeth.

Tooth filling durability 5, Poly carboxylic acid ester cement: It is a kind of the bottom and the cementation material. It can be used as tooth bottom materials, hole sealing material and root canal filling material. Also, it can be used to repair adhesive cement tooth crown and bridge.

Tooth filling durability 6, Ion polymerization cement: It is a kind of multi-purpose material which has light stimulation. Also, it has cohesiveness to the tooth hard tissue. But its strength is lower than those of silver amalgam. So it is suitable for class III, V type hole. Besides, it can be used for baby teeth filling in order to prevent tooth decay.

Tooth filling durability 7, Zinc phosphate cement: It is also called permanent zinc cement. It can be used as upper bearing material and nest hole sealing materials. Besides, it also can be used in dental crown and bridge restoration.

Tooth filling durability 8, Clove oil zinc oxide cement: It is also known as a temporary cement paste. It is usually used as bottom bearing materials.

Plublish Date: 2014-09-09

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