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Bad Dental Habits Ruin Your Teeth

Abstract: Bad habits are usually very harmful. And bad dental habits may hurt you more. According to a survey conducted by the dentists in Shanghai dental, 43% of dental problems are caused by some bad dental habits.

Margaret Thatcher once said, pay attention to your habits, because it becomes the character; pay attention to your character, because it will determine your destiny. Keep an open eye on your bad dental habits, because it becomes your dental problems. Although you may care about your teeth very much, brushing them twice a day, visiting your dentist in Shanghai dental regularly for check-ups and examination. But if you have the bad habits as follows, you may have done an idle work. Some people just do not know that some of their dental habits are bad, so hopefully these may help them to have good habits and good teeth.

1. Crunching and sipping food or drinks.

Some people like to crunch the ice, that’s very harmful to the teeth. When someone is crunching ices, the cold temperature of ice cubes can cause the teeth to crack. Although these are very small cracks, but over time it may lead to bigger problems.

Moreover, sipping drinks can also be harmful. A report in Shanghai showed that constant exposure to sweet beverages can cause tooth decay. So it is better to drink sweet liquids with a straw is a better choice.

2. Use teeth as a tool.

A research in shanghai dental showed that people use their teeth for a great many odd jobs, such as unscrew the cap, tear open a bag of snacks or rip a price tag off the clothing. All these movements are very harmful to the teeth. Make sure your teeth are only used for eating, other than other uses.

3. Grinding teeth.

It is a bad habit to grind your teeth, this reflects anxiety. And while you grind your teeth, the forces may wear the teeth down. So when you want to grind your teeth, try to find another way to deal with the anxiety.

4. Using improper toothbrush.

Some people may hold the wrong idea of the firmer the tooth brush, the better, especially the senior citizens. But we should know that with age, the roots of the teeth become exposed, and the tooth brush with hard bristle may lead to sensitive teeth. It’s better to consult the dentist about the most proper tooth brush.

5. Brushing improperly.

We should at least brush our teeth twice a day. This is the minimum standards of brushing. And the tooth brush should be replaced every three or four months.

And the using of the floss should be done every day. If you are not sure about using floss, you should ask the dentist, for not everyone is fit for floss according to a report in Shanghai dental.

All these five bad habits are all bad for our teeth. So, if you have any of these bad habits, try to change it, or you might have a dental disease one day.

Plublish Date: 2014-07-03

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