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How to Bruch Your Teeth

Abstract: According to a research of Shanghai dental, using the right way to brush the teeth can fully protect our teeth from the dental diseases. The right way to brush teeth is introduced.

To some people this might be a silly question. Of course we know how to brush our teeth, because we brush our teeth every day!

Do you really know the right way to brush your teeth? The daily use of the tooth brush cannot guarantee the correctness. A research of Ismile shanghai dental shows that one third of the people in Shanghai cannot use the tooth brush correctly. And in Shanghai, one fifth of the dental problem is caused by bad tooth brush usage.

So what actually should be the right way to brush the teeth? First, we should squeeze a small amount of toothpaste on the tooth brush. It’s better to use toothpaste with fluoride. Squeezing too much toothpaste may be unhealthy for people may ingest more fluoride. And also too much toothpaste may cause excessive sudsing, making you finish brushing too early. Secondly, when we brush our teeth, we should keep the tooth brush at an angle of 45 degree. And brush it with the vertical movement or a circular movement. We should brush not only our front tooth, but also other teeth and other part of the oral cavity, such as the molars, the inner surfaces of the teeth and our tongue. When brushing the back teeth, we should also place the tooth brush in a 45 degree angle. Make sure the brush get into all the grooves and cracks. People always forget about clean their tongues in brushing. Brushing the tongue is good for clearing the bacteria and having a good breathe. One thing should be noted in brushing the tongue is that, we should brush the tongue gently, or the tissue may be damaged. The last part of brushing is rinsing. When you choose to rinse your mouth, just take a sip of water to avoid over fluoride intake. But some people think that rising may reduce the effectiveness of fluoride treatment, so some people do not rinse their mouth after brushing.

These are the basic ways to brush the teeth. But here are some other tips about dental health.

1. Spend at least 3minutes in brushing. Three minutes can ensure each spot of the teeth is brushed for about 15seconds. If you find it difficult to brushing that long, you can brush your teeth while watching TV.

2. Brush the teeth at least twice a day. Brush the teeth once in the morning and once in the evening.

3. Use fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride can largely protect our teeth, so toothpaste with fluoride is much needed.

4. Regularly replace the toothbrush. Every three or four months, you should replace your old toothbrush. After long-time use, the bristles may lose its shape and effectiveness.

5. Better use dental floss before brushing. Using the floss is as useful as brushing in get rid of the food debris. Some people may feel the floss inconvenient, and then the tooth pick may be a good choice.

Hopefully this information can be helpful for you to protect your teeth and make your life happier.

Plublish Date: 2014-07-02

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