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How Dental Decay is Formed?

Abstract: In Shanghai dental, at least 14 patients with decayed tooth come to get a treatment. So how these decayed teeth are formed? And how do people protect themselves from dental caries? We need anserws.

If we live in a world which decayed tooth does not hurt, will people still pay so much attention to dental health? The answer is YES! Dental health is not only about preventing dental decay, it have impacts on many aspects in our lives. Just imagine a picture of eating, all the food and drinks we have contact with our teeth.

So when we talk about dental decay, what does it mean? Dental decay, which can also be called as tooth caries or saprodontia, is the most common diseases of the teeth caused by bacteria erosion.

Some certain bacteria, such as streptococci and lactobacilli, are cariogenic. These are the main reasons for dental decay. What’s worse, this kind of bacteria is contagious. They can be transmitted from parents to the children. So if the parents have decayed tooth, then their children probably will have the problem of saprodontia.

At first the streptococci and lactobacilli are just a sticky film on the surface of the tooth, dentists call it dental plaque. But then the bacteria begin to turn the saccharides into acid. And these acids will dissolve the calcium of the teeth, and lead to dental decay. Mostly the saccharides are from the food or drinks which contain sugars. This whole process is called demineralization in dental field.

To be honest dental decay is inevitable, but what we could do is try our best to clear the acid from teeth before its formation and provide calcium to the teeth. This is called remineralization. Saliva lays an important role in this progress. Because we all know that saliva can help the fluorides from toothpaste to stay longer in the mouth. While the fluorides helps remineralise the teeth and control decayed tooth

Dental decay occurs when demineralisation exceeds remineralisation for a period of time. So in order to avoid the formation of dental decay, shanghai dental tells you 3 things that need to do.

1. Use toothpaste with fluorides. We’ve already know the advantage of the fluorides. So to better protect our teeth, we need let them to expose more in the fluorides. And that’s probably the reason of higher sales volumes of fluorides toothpaste in Shanghai.

2. Brush the teeth at least twice a day. It’s a really good habit, but some people are just hard to have this habit. So the education of good brushing habit is essential in the children’s education. What’s more, people should not eat after tooth brush at bedtime, which may be another reason for people not brushing teeth at night.

3. Visit the dentist at least every 6 months. A dentist is not just essential in treating a dental problem, but also important in preventing one. A dentist can monitor the dental health of the patient.

To those who concerns, their possibility of having a dental decay is lower. So we all should pay more attention to our own dental health. But still we should always pay a regular visit to Shanghai dental for routine dental examinations.

Plublish Date: 2014-06-26

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