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What Is Dental Implant?

Abstract: What is dental implant? The question needs to be answered, especially for those who need to have a dental implant in Shanghai dental. Hopefully, the answers can make us know better about the definition of dental implant.

Although, teeth are very important for our human beings, but one can never have it without diseases. Sometimes, it is just decayed tooth or gingivitis, but sometimes you may lose your tooth for all kinds of reasons. When you lose your tooth, then a dental implant may be used.

So what is the definition of the dental implant? A dental implant, which can also be called artificial dental implants , is a surgical component that can be implanted into the gums by a dental operation. This dental operation is based on osseointegration, a biologic process. A dental implant is composed by three parts, the implant, the abutment and the crown.

In the ancient, the European, the Central Americans have tried to replace their missing teeth with many other materials, such as the teeth of human or animals or the carved bones. In modem times, people began to use different artificial materials as the implant. After years of experiments, finally, in the year of 1965, a Swedish successfully used the implant he created into the clinical case.

At the very first, the dental implants are used to support prosthodontics. While in modem society, the dental implants use the idea of Osseo integration. By this construct, the bone along with the implants can support the loads for years and without failure. When a person needs to replace his or her tooth, the abutment is used to secure the implant. Then a crown is needed to connect the abutment with the dental cement.

The above is about the basic knowledge of the implant, but what else should we know about dental implant? The followings are the disadvantages of the dental implant.

One thing is that the dental implant is always more expensive, not just in shanghai dental , than other solutions of dental treatment. Moreover, dental plant is always better than dentures. Although dentures also can replace the loss teeth, but the dentures are not fit for people, sometimes people can get the appropriate dentures for themselves. Also, the dentures taste, which may interfere with the flavor of our food. On the contrary, a dental implant has different sizes all teeth can be attached and has a long service time. The dental implant can function for decades.

Apart from all these advantages, there are some disadvantages too, such as infection. If the patient does not have the operation in a normal hospital, then it may lead to infection. Also the bleeding is another big problem. If the implant is not operated in placed, then there may have the problem of subcutaneous bleeding.

Plublish Date: 2014-06-23

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