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Do you Know What Causes for the Teeth Deformity?

Abstract: Brief introduction to the causes of teeth deformity and some information about the treatment in shanghai dental.

Teeth deformity is caused during the process of children’s growth and development due to the congenital or genetic factors and the environmental factors. Dental anomalies include teeth deformities, jaw bones deformities and craniofacial deformities. The symptoms including tooth malalignment, upper teeth protrusion, "bag day", wry mouth, etc. With the deepening of clinical research, the concept of modern dental anomalies so far refers not only to the dislocation and malalignment of teeth, but multiple malformations caused by the discordance relationship between teeth and craniofacial, which mainly contains individual tooth dislocation, arch form and arrangement of teeth abnormalities, anomalies between the upper and lower dental arch occlusal relationship.

Dentists from shanghai dental explain the two major causes of dental anomalies.

Genetic factors: derive from parents gene as well as racial evolution. In human evolution, as the food cooked to be soft and easily chewable, it brings the diminuendo of chewing function, resulting in gradual degradation stomatognathic system. Among them, the jaw degrades faster than the teeth, resulting in greater tooth mass, thus contributes to crowded teeth. Parents who have dental abnormalities generally passed the character on to their children.

Acquired disposition: in the fetus period, the mother’s sickness, receiving radiation overdose or trauma can lead to the baby’s congenital maxillofacial deformities such as cleft lip and palate deformities. After be baby is born, pediatric diseases such as rickets, chronic rhinitis and tonsillitis, etc. can also result in the teeth deformity. In particular, dentists from shanghai dental point out that wrong breastfeeding position and bottle feeding posture, which is usually ignored by the new mom or dad, affect the teeth growth. In addition , there are some bad habits ( such as biting lip, pencil, fingers, etc.) will affect the masticatory muscle function as well as the growth of the jaw teeth. Nonetheless, these vices may also be caused by sort of a psychological pressure, of which can be difficult to get rid. Seldom knows that child's standing and sitting posture will affect the teeth biting function. In modern society, sometimes, kids’ nutrient intake is far more than enough that despite the little jaw, the tooth itself usually come in a larger size, this is the reason that can cause dental deformities.

The causes of teeth deformity can be unable to avoid sometime. Luckily, there are numerous dental clinic today has the ability and technology of orthodontics. Shanghai dental is known for its rich treatment experience and advanced dental equipment. Dentists and dental counselors from Shanghai dental recommend that when it comes to children teeth deformities, professional physician and top hospital is the safeguard of treatment, and it is better to treat the deformities as early as possible.

Plublish Date: 2014-01-27

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