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Tips for Orthodontic Procedures

Abstract: Introduction to the tips for orthodontic procedures and the advancement of shanghai dental treatment.

Orthodontics is a treatment through orthodontic or surgical methods to cure the teeth deformities, such as malocclusion. Teeth deformities including teeth, jaw, craniofacial deformities are caused during the process of children’s growth and development due to the congenital or genetic factors and the environmental factors.

Among so many cities’ dental clinics, shanghai dental posse the highest evaluation for its advanced equipment and rich treating experiences. Dentists from shanghai dentals conclude the tips and procedure for the orthodontics as followed.

First, we need newly diagnosed by consulting the dentist. It contains developing corrective solutions, inquiry for the prices and other related matters. Ordinary braces and ice tray, invisible lingual braces, etc. costs differently due to different materials and aesthetics. It is best to consult a few more dental to finally decide where to go. When consulting he dentist, it would be useful to bring your own dental X-ray film. According to the patient's wishes and deformity conditions, doctors draft the preliminary estimation of the schemes for general treatments, and decide the proper needed treatment times, costs and precautions. If the patient has the intention to the orthodontics, the doctor can start to schedule the patient’s photography, X-ray (if the patient does not bring one himself), dental wax seal. In order to facilitate the future development of an accurate correction method, X-ray photos of teeth and head bones are supposed to look at your teeth and bone development direction. These photographs, X-ray photographs, dental models were measured and analyzed, according to the results of the analysis of these data will determine the final treatment.

Second, both the doctor and patient need to get ready. The doctor details the treatment plan and communicates with the patient or the patient’s guardian, seeking for the permission or agreement to sign the "informed consent". Many patients tooth need fillings, scaling, etc. before the treatment.

Then, here comes the correction step. Teeth straightening treatment usually need the mental or plastic brace. For some severe bone deformities, the teeth may also need to use surgical approach for treatment. This must be under the collaboration by orthodontics doctors and oral and maxillofacial surgery doctors.

After the correction procedure, it is last but not the least to keep the treatment result. When dentition deformities have been corrected, from a professional point of view the treating requirements have been met, the doctor will remove the old appliance, and then wear the patient with corrective retainer to prevent tooth displacement. This procedure remains generally a year's time. Shanghai dentals usually require a regular return visit about once every three months.

Plublish Date: 2014-01-26

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