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Introduction of Material Types of Removable Denture

Abstract: If teeth fall off due to various reasons, we will need removable denture to meet the normal function. Do you know the material types of removable denture?

According to doctors from shanghai dental, removable denture is mainly used for alternative function for the lack of natural teeth. So when our have teeth decay or teeth are seriously damaged due to accident, the removable denture will be used. Experts from shanghai dental say that removable denture can be permanently implanted in gum and it can also be built when we need.

The first generation of removable denture’s material adopted the teeth from person or animals. In west people originally used hippopotamus teeth, ivory, bovine teeth to make removable denture. But animal teeth, after all, look strange and it is difficult to make it polished up, so people started to looking for new source of removable denture.

Learning from shanghai dental, the second generation of removable denture was made of metals. Metal material for biomedical functional materials is an important branch of material science which has a history of more than 400 years used for medical implants science. Metal removable denture is usually very strong so you should go to shanghai dental for the disadvantage is biological incompatibility with the human body. Relatively speaking, the technology was not advanced at that time. And depending on the shanghai dental, the fixed denture needs to be linked to jaw, so it is not very convenient to use.

The application of inorganic non-metallic materials represented by pottery and porcelain has a long history, but as a formal oral medicine application it began in 1774. The information from shanghai dental says that a doctor in France began using porcelain removable denture. Porcelain is one of the important materials which are used to make removable denture with ceramic restoration, beautiful colors and good biocompatibility, but it is crisp and easy to be fractured. In the early time, people with ceramics removable denture dare not chew hard food.

Later people constantly develop new ceramic types of removable denture which is conducive to the development of dental restorations. In 1960, when people preliminary solved the problem of matching metal and ceramic, porcelain fused metal technology appeared. It overcomes the drawback of pure porcelain material as itself strength is insufficient and owns the advantages of porcelain and metal. So, removable denture as an alternative of gold products developed in the 1990s according to shanghai dental news. Namely under the condition of vacuum, it uses high temperature make ceramic powder melt and combine into specially processed metal which is produced as a new kind of restoration. This belongs to the third stage where the removable denture materials get further history of development as the dominant phase of the nonmetal material.

All countries in the world especially shanghai dental are making removable denture material research which will bring more suitable materials for human body and the titanium and titanium alloy are considered to be the most ideal human implant metal materials by far. Experts from shanghai dental also predict that in the future we can repair almost all dentition defect and missing teeth and the chewing function can return to normal so that the false and true teeth are difficult to be distinguished. But we should believe that removable denture forever can't take place of real one. And doing more teeth care and disease prevention will be better.

Plublish Date: 2014-01-20

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