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Tooth Decay Prevention Tips

Abstract: At present, most dental experts state that the tooth decay is caused by interaction of three factors: teeth caries bacteria, food and susceptibility.

When bad teeth arrangement, food scraps easily stuck or fill in the gaps between the teeth. If you don't pay attention to oral hygiene, oral bacteria will decide, "camp" on the teeth, it will cause the erosion of tooth body, and then form cavities.

So, how to prevent the occurrence of dental caries? Well, shanghai dental experts remind that you can follow the tooth decay prevention tips below:

The first step: strengthen teeth and improve the ability to resist decay. Fluorine element is essential for human normal metabolism and health. It plays a major role of the firmness of the teeth and can also inhibit the growth of bacteria. There are many ways adding fluoride to our teeth, including using fluoride toothpaste, which is a simple and effective way. After thorough brushing, wash your teeth using 0.1% sodium fluoride solution containing once a week, or using 0.2% sodium fluoride solution once two weeks or 0.05% sodium fluoride solution containing once a day. When finished, you can’t gargle or eating in 30 minutes.

The second step: keep the mouth clean and control bacterial growth. Therefore, doing a good job in oral hygiene is one of the main measures of preventing dental caries. Keep daily brushing your teeth after meals. Teenagers shouldn't eat snacks before going to bed, especially sweets, so as to avoid sticking on the teeth of carbohydrate fermentation, which may cause the corrosion damage to teeth.

The third step: dietary changes and control sugar absorbing. Sugar content is much more than before, such as chocolate, candy, refined cake, etc... This soft and sticky food stuck in the teeth surface, would provide ample "hay" for caries bacteria. Therefore, eating more fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat and other food is a better way to keep healthy teeth.

You may also use the following "two types" at the same time:

The first type is the manner of cleaning tooth. To clean the plug food and the adjacent plaque in your teeth, the best way is to use dental floss. The best time for you to clean your teeth can be every night before going to bed.

The second type is the posture of brushing your teeth. Correct posture is brushing one's teeth from the top down. And you should brush your teeth 3 minutes later after three meals per day, and every time not less than 3 minutes.

Going to the hospital to have a dentist on time is certainly of significance. But in the meantime, you also have to do something in your daily life. Once you have followed the tips given by Shanghai dental experts above, it’s no doubt that the dental cavities will be away from you.

Plublish Date: 2014-01-15

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