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Effective Ways to Whiten Your Yellow Teeth

Abstract: Everyone wants to get a superstar smile. But the yellow teeth make people loss the confidence. There are some effective ways of whitening yellow teeth to be introduced.

The ways of whitening yellow teeth mainly have the following points.

Firstly, the cold light whitening technology is a common method of whitening teeth. The technology makes the teeth coated with a layer of gel which can discolor the teeth through cold light irradiation. After the oxidation, the teeth can become whiter. Although the effect can't last for a long time, its advantages are still very obvious. The laser medicine is very accurate and safe, and the time required is very short as it only needs one and a half hours.

Secondly, the laser whitening technology is a good way that can save time and money. A few years ago, the shanghai dental hospital introduced the fourth generation of Laser Smile whitening system. And now as one of the most popular methods, the latest generation of Bios laser teeth whitening system makes the advantages of Laser Smile more perfect. It has the magical whitening effects on the black pigment caused by tetracycline and the spots caused by years of smoking.

Thirdly, for the common yellow teeth, the doctor recommends the ultrasonic tooth cleaner. Through the high frequency oscillation of ultrasonic, it can wash away dental calculus and dirt on the surface of the teeth. On the basis of cleaning, the sandblasting treatment will remove the remaining pigment in order to get better cleaning effect.

The porcelain teeth actually like a pair of braces. In particular, it is sticking the porcelain braces on the real teeth. This is because of the compatibility of the metal and the human body. Besides, the bacteria cannot survive on the surface of porcelain, so there will be no tooth decay and less yellow teeth. Of course, it’s the most expensive.

In addition to the methods above, according to some dental experts in Shanghai, we can pay attention to our daily life to keep the teeth white. For example, using the right way to brush your teeth is especially important. The dental care experts have suggested that we brush our teeth after meals every day and every time we should brush for 2-3 minutes. The proper brushing angle is of 45 degrees between the brush and tooth surface. The toothbrush gently presses on the border of teeth and gums. Then do the rotation of the small arc by the brush. And brush your teeth vertically instead of horizontally. Actually, it is more effective to brush teeth at night. This is because the saliva in the mouth reduces when you are asleep and the self-cleaning effect of the teeth is bad.

In order to strengthen the whitening effect, the choice of toothbrush is also very important. The electric toothbrush can effectively reduce the mouth tartar caused by drinking tea or drinking coffee and recover the colour and lustre of teeth. In terms of the toothpaste, the choice will focus on two points. Firstly, it should contain the fluoride. Because the long-term use of toothpaste containing fluorine can effectively prevent tooth decay. Secondly, the content of the toothpaste abrasive shouldn’t be too high otherwise it will damage teeth or make them very sensitive.

Last but not least, we should have good eating habits. Whitening toothpaste is important. Brushing is also important. But if you eat diet of heavy taste every day, I'm afraid that the dentist also can’t help you.

Plublish Date: 2014-01-13

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