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How Many Orthodontic Methods Do You Know?

Abstract: Brief introduction to the Shanghai dental orthodontic methods help you to choose the one that suits you.

Irregular arrangement of teeth caused during permanent dentition period usually treated by fixed appliance, which is commonly known as wearing "braces". Common appliance treatment takes about two years, dentition referral correction procedure usually happens once a month. Every referral needs a long time with low oral comfort. In shanghai dental, the currently popular Beauty Crown with traditional dentition correction technology, which is characterized by fast and safe treatment, is welcomed by most of the adult patients. Only 7 days is needed to repair a variety of porcelain teeth failure, abnormal teeth. Beauty Crown Orthodontics technology is an excellent choice for adults.

However, Beauty Crown Orthodontics does not suit younger patients, especially teenagers. Therefore dentists from Shanghai dental clinics and hospitals list several orthodontic methods to help different patients choose the best treatment scheme.

Prevention treatment: during embryonic dental and maxillofacial development and postnatal development process, a variety of congenital and acquired environmental factors will affect their development and cause dental deformities. If we take certain precaution to prevent these kinds of deformities, it is called preventive treatment. During pregnancy time, if the mother looks out for the nutrition intake, avoid excessive radiation and drugs, these can help to prevent the fetus teeth deformities.

Blocking correction: when the dental abnormalities occur early, by a simple method for early correction, we can block severe deformities from developing. Guidance to the development of normal facial treatment called blocking correction. If early detection of severe dentition crowding, using sequential extraction treatment; be sure to start early correction once finding the deformity, so as not to cause the growth of facial skeletal abnormalities.

General correction: even in Shanghai dental treatment, general correction treatment is the most common one. Different types of appliances are used for dental abnormalities, such as active appliance, fixed appliance, functional appliances and so on.

Orthognathic surgery: refers to the completion of severe bone deformity with dental surgical approach to the correction after one’s growth and development. Orthodontics and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery need physicians working together to complete, in order to guarantee its occlusion and jaw deformities were corrected to good results.

Beauty Crown Orthodontics: very popular orthodontic method in Shanghai dental field. This cosmetic dental technique became popular in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. Besides the traditional emphasis on the basis of porcelain teeth, it also attaches importance to cosmetic effect on the misplaced teeth. Without dental extractions, pain and years of times, the orthodontic method is now well accepted in China. Both the patients and dentists appreciate this technology. It is now very commonly used, especially in Shanghai dental business.

Plublish Date: 2014-01-13

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