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Cavity-filling Technology Is Vital and Important for You

Abstract: Cavity filling technology is suitable for filling and hidden parts of the anterior teeth after hole. Shanghai dental professionals will give you the best advice.

The teeth, has formed a substantial defect plumage is currently the most widely used and effective good method, its basic process can be divided into two steps: first to remove the decay and losing support weak tooth tissue, and according to certain requirements will nest hole made reasonable form. Then the packing material filling restores its inherent form and function. It is suitable for filling and hidden parts of the anterior teeth after hole.

1. Socket whole preparation of basic principles

Net to decay organization of shanghai dental, to prevent the secondary caries. Cavity effect is one of the similar debridement, you must remove the decay, and makes a nest whole based on healthy teeth body tissue, prevent secondary infection.

Protect pulp have feelings and metabolism of living tissue, due to dentin and closely related to the pulp, the cutting tooth tissues, can produce different degree of stimulus to dental pulp tissue, serious when can lead to dental pulp congestion and inflammation, so the insurance should be paid attention to in operation? Wave decided? Ace-naphthene figure Shan Dong carbon Preparation of resistance form and retention form

Because bear chewing function after the restoration of teeth, filling after repair shall meet the requirements of two respects, on the one hand can keep prosthesis does not become loose, fall off for a long time, which should have solid configuration; On the other hand prosthesis and residual tooth tissues are not due to bear chewing force fracture, which should have resistance. The preparation should be both at the nest hole.

Plumage repair process (silver amalgam): removal of caries bad organization, establish a nest hole shape; Preparation of resistance form and retention form. Hole shape modification and nest hole cleaning; Nest hole detoxification; Mat base; Silver amalgam filling; Polishing.

2. The composite resin filling: Suitable for filling after front teeth and chew strength under cavities, filling key points are:

(1) The preparation of certain hole shape

(2) Above moderate nest hole should be base

(3) Mixing equipment to clean and dry. Then the dental would use non-metallic mixing knife. Notice that the ratio of components, fully mixing evenly. When filling well protected against dampness, avoid producing bubbles, and appropriate USES polyester film or cellophane will material compaction, and finally modification finish.

3.The photosensitive composite resin plumage, acid corrosion method: Indications with composite resin plumage, also applies to more tooth defect and poor retention and covered the discoloration of teeth, etc. Filling points are: Thoroughly clean the tooth surface.

4. With zinc phosphate cement, calcium hydroxide preparation such as covering exposed dentin. With 35% or 50% of phosphoric acid, acid corrosion tooth surface 1 to 2 minutes. Thoroughly rinse tooth surface drying, fight pollution again.

Coated adhesive, filling light composite resin after irradiation with visible light 20-40 seconds, respectively, make its curing, last form grinding.

5. Inlay. Made from metal or other materials with the tooth socket hole for restoration, embedded in the hole, known as the inlay; Cover the surface for the inlay. Suitable for:

(1) After the tooth surface larger nest hole or teeth with fracture after may.

(2) The neighborhood? Mansion retinues rush rinse hair pin which call Ru from Huang advisory Lai Mu Qiao agent of Wa Qin fold

(3) As a fixed bridge foundation of teeth.

The point is:

(1) To net the decay organization and impending glaze column.

(2) The hole depth is not less than 2.5 mm, with 45° hole margin slope, width and outward opening Angle is less than 5 °.

(3) Can add nail, ditch auxiliary retainer.

(4) With thin weak point is over all surface preparation.

(5) Making model type wax, embedding in time, as far as possible using the casting.

Plublish Date: 2014-01-11

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