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Several Key Points on Tooth Decay By Shanghai Dental

Abstract: There are many points on tooth decay that you need to know more. Here shanghai dental will inform you the detailed points and make you clear and understood.

We all know tooth decay is a bad thing to us, is means our teeth has a disease. But how does it come? It is mainly about two sides. The following part from shanghai dental professionals will inform you the key points on tooth decay.

Firstly, let me tell you what are the conditions make tooth decay. Tooth decay is some foods with sugar (especially sugar) came into our mouth, rolling in plaque Canon to caries bacteria, and then produced some acid fermentation, which are mainly come from the pressure surface structure of weak local invasion, and dissolved the inorganic which damaged teeth.

In the process, must have the following conditions: Cariogenic bacteria, sugar-which is the basic of metabolic activity and the formation of dental plaque bacteria, Dental plaque-which make the acid produced by Bacterial fermentation of sugar, and most importantly, the susceptible tooth.

That is to say, having so much sugar or something so much sugar, would make our tooth decayed. The carbohydrates in food, especially sugar, some residues in the tooth surface is not easy to remove, provides nutrients for bacteria, to a large number of breeding, the food residue decomposition at the same time, produce acidity, chemical reaction on the surface of the teeth, make teeth surface decalcified, teeth defect formation, a cavity. If bacteria or food, of course, on the teeth stay time is very short, can keep clear of in time, it is not formed cavities. So scholars will also be time as one of the factors to caries.

Then, never wash your tooth punctually also makes your tooth decayed, it provided a good environment for the Dental plaque to grow up in quantity. Most importantly, if you were some one who particular about food, it might cause your tooth decay, too. Not having the essential material in your tooth, makes your tooth becoming fragility.

In additional, Such as some people are inherited from parents of the teeth and oral condition, is prone to decay; Fetus in or after the birth of infants and young children period, due to the lack of some of the mother or the infant food form teeth needed raw materials, such as vitamin A, C, D, minerals, calcium, phosphorus and trace element fluorine, etc., make tooth structure have defects, easily affected by other factors; Baby teeth grow not neat, easy to hide food particles and bacteria, create conditions for the occurrence of dental caries. Moreover, the properties of saliva, physical diseases, can affect the teeth inside and outside environment, prone to decay factor. Once we know how does the tooth decayed, so let us do better to protect our teeth.

Plublish Date: 2014-01-01

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