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Top Reasons for Cavity Forming Are Necessary to Know

Abstract: It is advisable to know cavity forming reasons. More precautions should be paid attention to and shanghai dental will tell you the details about the main reasions.

The transmitted diseases (STD), characterized by inorganic qualitative demineralization and organic matter decomposition, along with the course of the development and change from color to form a substantial damage to the evolution of the process. When it comes to cavity forming reasons, dental caries is a bacterial disease, so it can be secondary pulpits and apical per arthritis, even can cause inflammation of alveolar bone and jaw. The secondary infections in caries lesion can be formed, in or added to get arthritis, heart preciosities, chronic kidney and various other diseases all over the body such as the eye.Ismile shanghai dental points that parents should take care to prevent dental caries. When acid (lactic acid) is mainly from the pressure surface structure of weak local invasion, dissolve damage teeth of inorganic matter. In the process must meet the following important conditions: to caries bacteria; In our daily life, sugar is a source of bacteria metabolic activity and the material basis. Metabolism of bacteria on the tooth surface and the ecological environment of the pathogenic - dental plaque, plaque can make bacterial fermentation of sugar and acid in tooth surface reaches a certain concentration (below the critical pH); Susceptibility of the tooth.

The main reason why babies suffering from dental caries

Dental caries is a multifactor disease, mainly including three aspects: bacteria, diet, teeth and saliva, the three interrelated, lack of a dental caries can occur. The current scholars believe that saliva as external environment of teeth, tooth decay is significant influence factor.

1. Bacteria caries occurrence and development process, because the bacteria plays a dominant role in the incidence of caries disease, therefore, in recent years internationally recognized caries disease is a bacterial disease caused by caries has a variety of bacteria, the main thing is that certain streptococcus moutans and lactobacilli. These bacteria with saliva in mucin and food debris mixed together firmly adhere to the teeth surface and the ditch. This binding is called plaque or plaque (dental plaque). From a large number of bacteria produce acid, plaque plaque under the surface of the enamel demineralization and dissolved. Clinical investigations prove that plaque) has more children dental caries in the mouth.

2. The diet in caries formation process, the diet is one of the important roles of bacteria. Foods containing large amounts of carbohydrates and sugar, this material is supplied in the plaque bacteria living and activity energy, again through bacterial metabolism glycolysis to produce organic acids, acid, long in the tooth surface and the nest ditch, make the enamel demineralization of destruction, then some bacteria and to dissolve protein formation of cavity. A lot of sugar to caries, the main-est is sugar. Tooth development period, the nutrition biochemical structure decision tooth tissues, calcification of good teeth caries resistance is high. If the food contains mineral salts, the main vitamin and trace elements, such as calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B1, D and fluorine, dental caries resistance is low, causing caries condition of the disease. Baby teeth that have occurred in the prenatal period, development and calcification, the mother milk nutrition, and the growth of baby teeth although there is no decisive impact on the fetus, but strengthen maternal nutrition is good for teeth calcification. Unless the mother suffering from serious metabolic disorder or genetic disorders, general baby teeth less susceptible to serious.

3. The teeth morphology, structure and position have obvious relationship with the onset of tooth decay. Teeth left by the defects in the nest groove is a developmental process, deep pit ditch easily stuck inside cells and food debris, and not easy to remove, easy to cause tooth decay. Mineralization is insufficient, especially calcium deficient teeth, enamel and dentin density is not high, decay resistance, low risk of dental caries. Fluorine content in the structure of teeth mineralization was very small, but is very important to strengthen the dental caries resistance. With adequate fluorine easy occurred cavities in teeth. Baby teeth and the degree of structure and calcification of young permanent teeth are not mature enough, so vulnerable to the influence of the factors to cause caries, caries rate is high.

Saliva is external environment of the teeth, plays a buffer, washing, gas or antimicrobial resistance, and so on. Plentiful and dilute saliva can wash teeth surface, reduce bacteria and food debris accumulation. Quantity is little and thick saliva is easy to be stranded, contribute to plaque formation and adhesion on the tooth surface. Properties and composition of saliva influences its buffering capacity, also affect the living conditions of the bacteria.

Plublish Date: 2013-12-30

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