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Science Development On Treating Dental Cavities

Abstract: In history, Chinese dentist treated the cavities with silver and tin, but nowadays, with the development of technology, dentists are using laser light to treat them.

Troubles like cavities have been interrupt people for a long time. What is the treatment for cavities? Cavities, as the word says, it is a hold or tiny openings which has been permanently damaged the hard surface of the teeth. For the reasons, it always comes down to a combination of factors, such as bacteria in the mouth, not cleaning your teeth well, frequent snacking and sipping sugary drinks. Having bacteria in your mouth is a normal thing. Therefore, treatment for cavities is needed all the times.

The earliest record of treatment comes from ancient Egypt. According to the dental books, it shows that the earliest famous person to treat dental problem lived about five thousand years ago by using a substance made of spices and onions. On the other side of the world, Chinese dentist from shanghai dental treated tooth pain by acupuncture, placing tiny sharp needles into the human body. Over more than a thousand years ago, metals, silver and tin are using in filling holes among Chinese. On the other side of the world, the Maya liked to place a piece of stone or metal on the cavities as a kind of treatment for dental disease.

In the fifteenth centuries, asking help from the dentist for teeth problem was the most popular method in Europe. Barber surgeons provided services more than treating teeth problem, sometimes they would do the cutting hair services as well. Until the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, the dentist finally promoted their procession knowledge.

In seventeenth century, Pierre Fauchard released his new book, called the surgeon dentist, which explore the dental science for this industry and provide knowledge about keeping teeth healthy method. At the same time, it is regarded as the beginning of modern dentistry.

Nowadays, tooth decay is common in the United States and around the world. The best thing people can do for their teeth is to keep them clean and use a toothbrush after eating. Then they shall use a thin string or dental floss to remove particles of food between the teeth. It can avoid the dental cavities effectively.

Nowadays,dentists from Ismile shanghai dental are now using laser light to treat discased gums and teeth, using computer technology to help them repair cavities. And genetic research is expected to develop tests which shows the presence of discase causing bacteria in the mouth.

what is the treatment for cavities

But Shanghai dental health professionals say people should take good care of their teeth by keeping enough clean, eating foods high in calcium and fiber. Experts declaim that these activities will help people to improve their dental health through their lives.

Nowadays, the most common health problems is the teeth decay among people, especially for the children and elder people. Prompting treatment are needed in case of the expansion of cavities, such as severe toothache and infection. You are suggested to visit your personal dentists and abandon your bad habits for precaution.

Plublish Date: 2013-12-26

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