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What Are Tooth Decay Cavities Types Should You Know?

Abstract: Now, we can classify tooth decay cavities into different types. You are supposed to know how to diagnose cavities according to the performance and handle them timely.

Cavities, commonly known as Decayed Tooth, or other dental problems, which Is the high incidence of human disease. Caries is composed of a variety of factors in the oral compound such as effect caused by the tooth hard tissue damage of sexually transmitted diseases (STD), characterized by inorganic qualitative demineralization and organic matter decomposition, along with the course of the development and change from color to form a substantial damage to the evolution of the process. Dental caries is a bacterial disease, so it can be secondary pulpits and apical per arthritis, even can cause inflammation of alveolar bone and jaw. The secondary infections in caries lesion can be formed, in or added to get arthritis, heart preciosities, chronic kidney and various other diseases all over the body such as the eye.. The world health organization has caries and tumor, cardiovascular disease and classified as three key human prevention and cure of disease. And after the two diseases, caries and has a good effect of prevention, early treatment pain is small, the characteristics of less injury and low cost, high. You should take care to prevent dental caries.

Mild dental caries affect chewing function, severe dental caries, or decay without treatment, continue to develop, can cause dental pulp disease, periodical disease, complications such as oral maxillofacial inflammation, even become oral lesions, affect the body health and dental caries is the main cause of children's teeth loss, children's early loss of teeth, not only hinder digestion function, can also affect the normal development of maxillofacial.

What are the performance and how to diagnose cavities?

1. Ask for hot and cold stimulation reactions such as sweet and sour, embedded plug and spontaneous pain with or without food.

2. Check the tooth hard tissue color, shape, qualitative change, the decay of the site, depth, and type, pay attention to the adjacent surface, neck or gum cover parts of the cavity, taken X-ray photographs inspection when necessary.

3. According to the degree of the decay can be divided into:

(1) shallow caries decay confined to the enamel of bone, or generally not self-conscious symptom, no response to probe.

(2) In the caries decay invades dentine shallow, can have cold, heat, acid, sweet trigger pain and pain,

(3) Deep caries tooth decay invades deep essence, but did not wear pulp, generally have inspired pain and pain, no spontaneous pain.

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Plublish Date: 2013-12-24

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