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Research Shows the Increasing Risk of Tooth Decay

Abstract: There is a research, which shows the increasing risk of tooth decay currently. What are the reasons and how to prevent this conditions should be known in advance.

According to our third oral health epidemiological show in 2005:almost 66 percent of kids in china have tooth decay. Among the middle-aged crowd who are between 35~44 years old,,This ratio up to 88.1%. However, the elderly who are in 65 ~ 74 years old, caries rate as high as 98.4%. So, what cause the increase of the risk of tooth decay?

As is known to all, with the rapid development of China's economy, Some foreign cultural invasion, China has now become more and more internationalized. Especially in some developed cities, With the accelerating pace of life, Imperceptibly into the era of fast food. And the fast food, Such as KFC, McDonald's, Starbucks, Coke.. The biggest characteristics is the high sugar content, basically are the Fried sugar food. And sugar as the main culprit of lead to tooth decay, become the city people indispensable food every day. This is what caused the soaring rate of tooth decay. Especially now that some of the children, like to eat candy, and carbonated drinks, while seldom such health food as fruits or vegetables. This is how the living habits make the high tooth decay rate along.

Secondly, according to the report, never pull the wisdom teeth, also increases the risk of tooth decay. So, shanghai dental tell you that wisdom teeth, the eruption after the age of 16 or has not been the eighth tooth eruption. Due to human jaws are becoming smaller and smaller in the evolutionary process, So often not have enough jaw space to let the wisdom tooth eruption, and then the wisdom tooth eruption caused by its position and direction of anomalies. According to statistics, 50% of people have the existence of the wisdom teeth, at about 16 years old or so appear in succession. Because, this tooth is just appear when the root is not yet growth fully to pull out easily. And at that moment, advised to avoid the second molars and the body damage.

In recent years, the school and many families are equipped with bottled water dispenser; it is because the bottled water dispenser to daily water drinking has brought many convenient. But foreign scientists new research reveals at A bad consequence of Bottled water dispenser:Often drink bottled water (pure water) of children can greatly increase the risk of tooth decay (caries). Newspapers reported: Oral health research center, researchers in Australia on the investigation and study found that 14 to 15 years old children with permanent tooth decay increased by 71% in six years. The researchers explicitly pointed out that, with the 1990 s the popularity of bottled water and sports drinks has a lot to do.

Investigate its reason is that, in the ordinary course of bottled water, Not only minerals such as calcium and phosphorus are less or even zero, less reinforcement tooth enamel (enamel, teeth are covered with the outermost translucent calcified tissue) Effects of fluoride, Resulting in the children with a significantly increased risk of tooth decay.

This is because, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals and to promote the growth of teeth with fluoride to protect teeth health is very important. Calcium and phosphorus is the main raw material of the teeth, About 99% of the calcium concentration in body in the bones and teeth. Both infants and young children and teenagers, if calcium cannot meet the need, Or the intake of calcium in the body can't be absorbed by the body to use, because of a variety of reasons will affect the teeth strong. In addition, there are any other factors that cause the increasing rate of tooth decay, Daily life needs more attention to protect teeth.

Plublish Date: 2013-12-24

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