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How Much Do You Know About Fixed Denture Types?

Abstract: We introduce some basic knowledge about shanghai dental denture, the classification of fixed denture and matters needing attention when installing the denture .And may this will do some help.

There are many types of denture which has dazzling appearance but also looks similar in the markets today. Since the in shanghai dental the denture’s price is very different from one to another, many patients are not aware of the difference of so many denture, how to choose a denture that suits one circumstances become a big question to most of customers. What do you need to know about the shanghai dental fixed denture? Let us tell you some basic knowledge.

In simple terms, fixed dentures are divided into categories such as all-ceramic crowns fixed denture, porcelain crowns fixed denture and metal crowns fixed denture. The selection of all-ceramic crowns is usually based on aesthetic considerations, since there is no metal crowns line, so will not cause light refraction, results in good transmission effect. This type of fixed denture is usually used in anterior occlusal area and can reach the most beautiful, natural effect.

Fixed dentures are more commonly used in dental surgery to repair prosthesis. With beautiful appearance and good chewing ability, fixed dentures are deeply welcomed by the majority of patients.

Experts point out that: There are many types of fixed dentures, which are separated in different categories according to different attributes they have. In shanghai dental clinic, fixed dentures can be divided according to different types of materials as the following:

1. Plastic fixed dentures: Plastic fixed dentures, although possess the color similar to natural teeth, but with lower strength, now is usually used for temporary repair.

2. Metal fixed dentures: It is hard, engages in good strength, but the dentures are in stainless steel color, which makes it not suitable for anterior teeth.

3. Metal ceramic fixed dentures: It has the outer layer of porcelain with mental inner layer. Metals used in fixed dentures are divided into general metals, precious metals, titanium metals. All these metals possess vivid colors, and also have the resistance of dentures fixed effects. They are suitable for anterior and posterior restoration.

4. all-ceramic crowns: The appearance has similarity with real teeth, but the texture is crisp, not suitable for a fixed bridge. It is only suitable for repairing single-tooth crowns defection.

Experts from shanghai dental say that the reason fixed dentures divided in different types is depending on the material composition. When come to the selection of fixed denture, first we need to check on the specific circumstances of the patient's mouth, in conjunction with the patient's own wishes, and the patient's age , economic and other terms of objective factors, the selection can be finally made.

The fixed denture types are as introduced above.

Plublish Date: 2013-12-21

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