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What are the Factors That Contribute to Your Yellow Teeth?

Abstract: The key of teeth whitening is to know the real causes of yellow teeth. Studies from the Shanghai dental hospital have shown that the factors that contribute to yellow teeth may be congenital or acquired.

shanghai dentalThe dentists from shanghai dental tell that the cause of endogenous yellow teeth is that the pigment is not on the surface but in the tooth tissues. Endogenous yellow teeth are mainly dental fluorosis and tetracycline teeth. If since the childhood the person lives in the area where drinking water contains much fluoride, it is easy for him to get dental fluorosis. And his teeth will present tan plaques which look ugly and disgusting. So we should strictly control the content of fluoride in drinking water in the daily life. On the other hand, tetracycline teeth are caused by taking tetracycline drugs before the age of eight. If tetracycline drugs the mother take are absorbed by the fetus during pregnancy, the child may get dental fluorosis. Tetracycline molecules can combine with the calcium in the tooth tissues and form a kind of stable complex compound. This kind of complex compound will deposit on the teeth and make teeth yellow and brown.

We have to admit that we will never be able to resist the natural aging. Years wrinkle the skin and also make teeth no longer bright or white. In the process of development, teeth will be very easy to turn yellow and crispy without adequate nutrition. So it is important to pay more attention to protecting teeth when we are young. We all know that calcium deficiency can affect the teeth whitening. With the loss of calcium, the teeth stiffness will reduce greatly. The pigment will accumulate more easily. As a result, the yellow teeth appear. Usually the doctor suggests that you take calcium and vitamin D regularly.

Next let’s talk about the causes of exogenous yellow teeth. Teeth will be yellow when people smoke for a long time or drink carbonated beverage in a long term. People can stop smoking and refuse the carbonated beverage. But in our daily life, we are inevitable to eat food with different kinds of colors. In fact, apart from tofu, eggs and other food of light colors, most of the delicious food is colorful, which cause the yellow teeth. There are a lot of bacteria on the surface of teeth and they secrete many sticky substances. Tobacco, tea, coffee, cola, wine, and the other colorful food bring about pigment for teeth. The pigment adheres to the sticky substances and gradually makes the teeth yellow. If we do not clean teeth promptly and properly, the pigment will accumulate over a long period. And if the internal teeth become yellow or black, it will be more difficult to whiten them. It is no exaggeration to say that the teeth may be yellow as long as they contact the colorful food.

Actually, cleaning your teeth patiently can prevent yellow teeth. But some people don't care about oral hygiene. They have no good habits of brushing teeth in the morning and evening. Therefore, food residue, soft dirt, tartar and smoke stains accumulate on their teeth quickly.

Since you know the factors that contribute to your yellow teeth, you can be more targeted to protect or whitening your teeth.

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Plublish Date: 2013-11-19

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