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Make Halitosis Management

Abstract: Through halitosis management, you can get yourself away from the annoying halitosis which might get you away from other people.

Just as so-called “scent of a woman”, the beautiful woman also wants to stand up to the “smelling” and don't want to scare away a holder with her open mouth. You may not have outstanding appearance and you can have no towering intellect or you may not from good family or cannot do small jasper, but shanghai dental faint scent of a woman and pure "feminine" is absolutely necessary for a woman. Act quickly, get away from the halitosis and make yourself can also breathe out "scent of orchid".

Shanghai dental thinks, mouth is like a miniature factory, where there are about 50 million bacteria living inside. The bacteria stay in the dark corner working day and night, eating the food debris, producing the stink of fermentation, and giving out with the breath. That's why bad breath is heavier after waking up.

You must conduct a thorough brushing of your teeth in the morning and evening and make halitosis management, electric toothbrush being more effective than ordinary toothbrush. In addition to the toothbrush, a dental floss needs to be used daily to thoroughly remove dental plaque hidden in the teeth. After brushing your teeth, use mouthwash, strengthening the prevention of tooth decay and inhibition of halitosis. When gargle, mouthwash water can thoroughly clean the mouth. When you cannot brush your teeth after eating outside, you also can use mouthwash antibacterial.

In addition to the taste buds in the surface of the tongue, the food residue after eating, become coating on the tongue after falling off in mucosa. In this case that will be a chance for bacteria to breed and cause breath. So, after brushing your teeth, you might as well use the toothbrush to brush the tongue coating on the surface of the tongue.

During the long-term halitosis management, if the management is accompanied by symptoms such as weight loss, fever and joint pain, you should consider about if you are having some systemic disease, such as leukemia, liver failure, lack of zinc and cancer, etc. If the elderly has sore throat, hoarseness, cough and hemoptysis accompanied by persistent halitosis management or upper abdomen ache, abdominal distension or other symptoms like that, he or she must promptly be sent to the hospital for relevant inspection, in order to avoid delaying in diagnosis and treatment.

Select the correct method of brushing your teeth, and brush at least twice a day, and get into the habit of rinsing your mouth after eating. Cleaning of the tongue surface is also very important. Since 80% ~ 90% of the halitosis is derived from the tongue back, therefore, doctors should teach patients to correctly use the oral tongue curette to clean the tongue. Doctors can also identify the main pathogenic bacteria in patients by a vitro test and choose a kind of effective mouthwash to make local antibacterial treatment to inhibit the growth of the lingual microbial. Now mouthwash commonly used includes chlorine compounds, hydrogen peroxide, sodium salt, zinc salt, etc., and good mouthwash should be able to maintain the ecological balance of the oral normal flora, preventing dysbacteriosis from causing new diseases. Stimulate saliva or use substitute, because the saliva has the effect of antibacterial, the sterilization and cleaning mouth. During the treatment, flow velocity and increasing the amount of saliva should also be considered to enhance the movement of the tongue. Chewing food that is rich in fibre or chewing gum is beneficial to reducing bad breath.

Plublish Date: 2015-01-28

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