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What Causes Alveolar Abscess

Abstract: Different dentists and medical experts have different answers about what causes alveolar abscess. This is the answer of Shanghai dental about what causes alveolar abscess.

Alveolar abscess is a kind of infected teeth disease. It is also know as infected teeth.


Tooth decay causes alveolar abscess. What is tooth decay? It is a kind of damage to your teeth. The shanghai dental can lead to a lot of pain. In the past, many people said it was caused by bacteria. It is not true. What causes the tooth decay that creates alveolar abscess is due to our bad eating habits. In modern industrial society, many people do not have good dietary habits. They eat what they like and refuse to eat what they hate. It can bring about many problems such as obesity, malnutrition and excessive nutrition and so on. The tooth decay is also included. For example, people who drink a lot of carbonic acid drinks will have tooth decay.


If your tooth has tooth decay and you don’t take it seriously. And the tooth decay happens to be in the dental pulp, which causes alveolar abscess. What is dental pulp? It is the soft fleshy inner part of the tooth. The infection of the pulp also causes alveolar abscess. What the pulp does is when foreign substances enter the tooth, it hides with the tooth. When you have meals, your enamel is weak and easy to be breached. It is because of dental decay. Later the food can penetrate into the deep part of your tooth. That substance in the inner layers of your tooth like food particles can be irritants that produce infections or abscess. Then the bacteria start to increase and damage your tooth. And the pus and the associated pressure make a lot of patients feel suffering. And the tooth decay is due to poor oral hygiene. And if you like to eat sugary food, it is likely that your tooth have decays.


There is another factor about what causes alveolar abscess. People don’t cleanse the dead cells and irritating tissues regularly. Many people do not know how to brush their teeth to clean away the wastes. In a long term, your teeth are definitely infected. The dead tissues can directly find their way to the once-protected tooth, and go to the gum pockets where is below the toot of your teeth and the alveolar abscess is caused. Whatever, you must keep your teeth clean at every moment.


Your bad body condition will cause the alveolar abscess. The alveolar abscess can be cured if you take care of yourself. But what if you are not in a good condition? It causes alveolar abscess. Shanghai dental gives a warn to people who have alveolar abscess: the whole body is a interrelated system. If one part is broken, it will have important effect in other parts. So you must pay enough emphasis on your tooth, and at the same time, you take care of other parts.


What causes alveolar abscess is mainly associated with tooth decay and if you go to see the dentist on schedule, and get rid of your bad eating habits, you will keep your tooth healthy.

Plublish Date: 2014-10-13

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