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Dental Plaque Dangers

Abstract: People who have dental plaque are not aware of the dangers of dental plaque. According to shanghai dental’s research, dental plaque not only affects your tooth health, but also has close relation with other body problems.

It is our impression that dental plaque is not hard to be cured and it is not a kind of shanghai dental. But scientists are sure that dental plaque is not just associated with oral health. It can cause other illness. But they are not sure the cause and effect.

Dental plaque is a kind of sticky film that is not visible by people’s eyes. It is caused by a thin grouping of bacteria which exists on teeth, gum tissue and crowns. It is easy to cure dental plaque, and you can do it by yourself. Your treatment is delayed or you don’t care about it. Dental plaque will bring you a lot of dangers. Dental plaque constantly grows in the mouth. When you eat or drink some sugary food or beverages, dental plaque grows quickly for bacteria releasing a lot of acid to attack your tooth enamel. And dental plaque uses the acids to break down the enamel and consequently to make tooth decay occur. Dental plaque dangers also include gum disease. With dental plaque building up, the first oral disease is gingivitis that is the tender and swollen gums. Gingivitis can make your teeth bleed. If you don’t take action timely, the situation will get worse. Serious gum diseases occur with gum tissue pulling away from your teeth. And the bacteria can destroy the underlying bones which play important role in supporting the teeth.

When you get gum disease that is also called periodontal disease, you might have associated disease, such as heart disease, diabetes, dementia and rheumatoid. Dental plaque bacteria are able to run into the bloodstream and damage major organs.

People who have gum disease are easy to have poor heart health. Besides, gum disease is also related with dementia by increasing your chance to get it.

People who have dental plaque are likely to have bad breath. It can affect their social relation. People don’t like to talk with someone with bad smell. Bad breath makes the patient embarrassed as well as the listener. In a word, dental plaque can danger you relation.

Therefore, you should not ignore the dangers of dental plaque. If possible, you should go to take action treat dental plaque as soon as possible. If you delay the time, you might have developed new oral disease that is not easy to cure. To reduce the dangers of dental plaque, you should keep dental plaque under control. You develop good healthy habits. For example, you brush your teeth twice a day and floss once a day. The toothpaste with fluoride is better to reduce the danger of dental plaque. And visiting your dentist, he will give you professional cleaning and checkup in order to get rid of the dangers of dental plaque.

Plublish Date: 2014-09-23

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