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Reasons of Tooth Filling Pain Decay

Abstract: Would you worry about tooth filling pain after treatment when you have tooth filling decay? Today we will discuss the reasons that cause tooth filling pain.

Tooth filling can make shanghai dental beautiful, bad tooth decay will be removed. You will be painful while eating after tooth fillings. But there is one thing that patients will not pay attention to. They think tooth decay will not happen again in the bad tooth. Actually, your oral environment itself will not be changed after tooth filling. This kind of bad mouth environment is the root of your tooth decay growth. However, tooth Fillings is no way to change the oral environment. So after tooth filling you should pay attention to oral hygiene. Brush your teeth in the morning and evening to make oral environment achieve an acid-base balance state. In this way, such cavities of rotten teeth condition will be greatly reduced. Some drugs can also be used to achieve the improvement of the acid-base balance of the oral environment.

Filling is a common method of repairing teeth. Some people could have some pain after tooth filling decay. What is the reason of tooth filling decay? The experts say, there are many reasons of tooth filling decay. Shanghai dental experts would have a detailed introduction for you.

What is the reason of tooth filling decay? 1, It may be because of the reaction of the treatment. That is, to kill dental pulp nerve the doctor will carry out the seal inactivation (commonly known as kill nerve) .After that the patients are likely to have tooth filling decay. But the pain is not very intense and it will not last for a long time. This kind of problem usually doesn't need to be dealt with.

2, It is possible that some chemicals in packing material could cause pain; Also the tooth filling decay may be caused by unfinished killed dental pulp. If you have long-term pain, it is often because of pulpitis. Doctors would do dental pulp calm or other pulp treatment according to the actual situation.

3, It is possible that a deep cavity with thin pad material can't partition silver amalgam conduction of heat and cold stimulation. As a result, there will emerge hot and cold stimulation of pain symptoms. This is why we need to thicken the bottom materials after tooth filling.

4, Near-term stimulus after dental pain or spontaneous pain may be the caused by packing material; Also, the pain is raised because pulp kill nerve is not complete.

5. Subsequent reactions of tooth filling. After tooth filling, the doctor will carry out the deactivation process of the pulp. On the same day or the next day after deactivation, many people may appear tooth filling decay because of drug action. In this case toothache actually will not last long. Just adapt few days and you will get better.

6. If you get grind sore, this kind of circumstance is found because of those dental materials inside have bubbles or cavity.

7. Some tooth filling decay is caused of filling materials depression or the exposure of rest of the teeth.

8. Tooth fillings or drugs may make you have a toothache. In the process of preparation of shape fillings, or disinfection drug stimulation to the dental pulp, these two conditions can both cause tooth filling decay. Temporarily cold and hot change also can stimulate the tooth nerve and cause tooth filling decay. These cases of you can be recovered in 1 to 2 days.

Plublish Date: 2014-09-05

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