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We Need to Pay Attention to Tooth Filling Loose Problem

Abstract: At present, many people will need tooth filling. At the same time, tooth filling loose has been a big problem as well.

Tooth is a vital organ for people to chew and pronounce. It is barrier of digestive system. The tooth filling looks like very solid, but it is tend to get shanghai dental loose because of the progressive destruction of bacteria and other factors.

When the cavity invasion is in dentin, people will have acerbity keenly feel. When the violation has arrived to the dental pulp, it can cause acute pain. At this time these tooth must be filled as early as possible. But the first thing we need to do before dental pulp treatment is the treatment we often said "root canal", which is useful for tooth filling loose. The patient often exist many doubts on this tooth filling loose point.

1. Why do people always say "tooth filling is not a disease, but tooth filling loose can kill one’s life"? Teeth periphery is composed of a dense, hard bone, dental pulp cavity is full of dental pulp vascular nerves. Bad stimulation and serious friction can cause dental pulp hyperaemia. At this time they will cause intramedullary pressure increase and penetration increase. Due to the hard shell of tooth, the high pressure is difficult to discharge and release. It will only turn to oppress the dental pulp nerve. So there will be a severe pain, and that is called tooth filling loose. Then the most important thing at this time is to open cavities to achieve decompression drainage. In this way, tooth filling loose symptoms will quickly be relieved.

2. How could tooth filling cause tooth filling loose? The first treatment after the toothache caused by pulpitis is to remove the infected tooth nerve of pulp cavity. At present shanghai dental basically has the following two ways, one is opening under local anesthesia and remove the tooth filling loose materials within the pulp cavity directly with equipment pumping; The other is to put the pulp devitalize inside the hole to make the tooth filling loose chronic necrosis. So the so-called "tooth filling loose problem" is just a one-sided view.

3. Why do we need subsequent visits before the appointment? In general, pulpitis always cause comorbid apricots. Also, pulpitis disease and inflammation of the root cannot be removed at one time. It needs a treatment process. Firstly we need to use root tube equipment to remove foreign bodies so as to establish circulation channels. Complying with relevant anti-inflammatory drugs repeatedly washed, we can almost kill the bacteria toxin inside the root. After we can control inflammation, we need to put the medicine which has anti-inflammatory analgesic, sterilization antisepsis effect of joint replacement to the tooth gum paste.

4. Why do we need "braces" after root canal therapy? After root canal therapy, because of the dental pulp has been removed, dental crowns will gradually become fragile in the long run without nutrition absorption. They are easily broken, in the end these tooth will all be pulled out. And "braces" can wrap the tooth, which can help your tooth return to normal appearance and neighborly relations. Besides, it can release the buffer bite impact of the tooth.

Plublish Date: 2014-09-02

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