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The Five Big Questions of Tooth Fillings During Pregnancy

Abstract: Tooth filing is a big problem during pregnancy period. There are several problems we need to know about it.

The mood of pregnant women is not easy to control. If we can establish a good doctor-patient relationship, then we can reduce their anxiety. When necessary, you may first be diagnosed by the obstetrician and gynecologists, after that, you can go to shanghai dental for diagnosis. And here are some tooth fillings during pregnancy problems that expectant mothers would ask. We are here for you to remove doubts:

Tooth fillings during pregnancy 1: If I have teeth problems, do I need to deal with it before pregnancy? Before you are trying to conceive, you need to establish a healthy oral environment. You can ask correct method of brushing your teeth from dentist. For example, brush your teeth with Bayesian method, avoid horizontal "saw tooth", use dental floss to remove plaque, and regular cleaning, etc. In order to avoid going to hospital, you need to brush your teeth seriously and cure oral cavities timely.

Tooth fillings during pregnancy 2: If women need tooth fillings during pregnancy, would the X-ray cause harm to the fetus? In general, the X-ray wouldn't cause congenital deformity as long as the total exposure is not more than 5 ~ 10 Reid. As for dental radiation, full head piece radiation is 0.004 Reid, full mouth 14 root tip also take only 0.00001 Raid. Besides, when we take X-ray to pregnant women we will use protective cloth, it almost can completely protect pregnant women and fetus from radiation exposure. And dentists will use X-ray treatment when it is necessary. So you don’t have to concerns security problem.

Tooth fillings during pregnancy 3: What should I do if I get tooth decay after pregnancy? General simple cleaning and tooth filling can be treated during pregnancy. But if the pregnant woman belongs to the emotional tension type, compulsive treatment can cause various problems. If the status of the woman is stable and her belly is not so big, most of the dental treatment (such as cleaning, dental, root canal treatment, etc.) can be completed at this stage. But as for dental surgery (such as: periodontal treatment of deep double disc, pull out wisdom tooth, root apex surgery), it will take you a long time and make emotional stress of pregnant women. So we suggest pregnant women to do the surgery after postpartum.

Tooth fillings during pregnancy 4: Can women take medicines after tooth fillings during pregnancy? Antibiotics: In addition to Sichuan toxin, chloramphenicol, streptomycin, in general, dental antibiotics is safe for pregnant women. Because infection may cause bacteremia or sepsis, this kind of harm to the fetus is bigger than antibiotics. So it is necessary for pregnant women to take antibiotics. Painkiller: Generally doctors think common painkillers such as aspirin is safe so far; Narcotic pain relievers (such as: morphine) won't cause permanent damage to the fetus, but it can inhibit the central nervous system. If we use it for a long time, it can lead to sequelae. Dental physicians refuse to use them. Anesthesia: Dental local anesthetic amount is not too much, so it is safe to be used.

Tooth fillings during pregnancy 5: My mother-in-law insists not brushing my teeth during recovering, instead, I just have to gargle. Is that right? This is the wrong ideas and customs. Because large pieces of food residue can be removed by gargle, but the plaque on the surface of teeth (including food particles and bacteria and their secretions) must rely on teeth brushing.

Plublish Date: 2014-08-07

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