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One Kind of Dental Disease

Abstract: Though more and more people pay great attention to dental health, there are still many with dental disease. One of the most common dental diseases is periodontal disease.

What is periodontal disease?

According to shanghai dental , periodontal disease, which is one common kind of dental disease, is divided into several stages, including gingivitis and periodontitis. The early stage, gingivitis, is caused because of the inflammation of the gums. If this stage is not cured, then it will develop to advanced stage, periodontitis, and then teeth will loosen, and the affected areas where is red, swelling, heat will pain. What is worse, the underlying jawbone may be also damaged.

Why does periodontal disease develop?

Firstly, as one kind of dental disease, there are many causes that can contribute to periodontal disease develop, and microbial plaque is one of the known causes. In addition, the immune system function is also an important cause. When we use steroids, antibiotics and other drugs, the nutrients may be damaged, and the level of fungal may be increased, which will lead to lower immunity, gum inflammation and plaque accumulation.

Secondly, lower immunity can have a great influence on dental disease, especially periodontal disease, by detrimental accumulation of mercury. Once there is detrimental accumulation of mercury from amalgam, the glutathione peroxidase, superoxide dismutase and catalase can lower the immune system.

Thirdly, the antioxidant enzymes can be also destroyed by tobacco smoke, which is similar with the causes of mold and fungi that found in food. Besides, the amount of pressure, which is usually the collagen matrix of the periodontal membrane, will be increased by the process of chewing.

The health of the periodontal is so important that it can affect its ability to prevent injury and other dental diseases. What is more, it can contribute to the collagen synthesis.

Can periodontal disease be the source of other problems?

According to Shanghai dental, periodontal disease can not only cause other dental disease, but also may be linked to some other disorders, such as cardiovascular disease, digestive disease, and cancer and so on. Therefore, we should pay more attention to dental disease. Sometimes, even if there are no obvious symptoms, you may be subjected to poor health of your teeth, such as tooth decay, periodontitis, and mouth ulcers and so on.

How can periodontal disease be prevented?

Since the serious influence of dental disease and periodontal disease, it is high time for us to take measures to prevent them. Even though there are various methods helpful for us, it is better to turn to nature for help. There are so many natural components that can be safe and effective to prevent dental disease, especially periodontal disease.

Plublish Date: 2014-07-25

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