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Common Dental Diseases

Abstract: More and more people are aware of the dental disease, how many dental diseases we can see? What is the common dental disease? We should have knowledge of those problems.

According to shanghai dental , dental disease is one of the most common conditions, especially bad teeth. Even if there are no signs of dental disease, we sometimes still may be subjected to dental disease.

Usually, we can see several problems that are part of dental disease. The problems are as follows.

The first one is tartar, which is caused because bacteria and calcified plaque are built up. The teeth that are covered in tartar may be larger than those normal one, and they are usually yellow or brown. When the teeth are covered in tartar, you are not seeing the tooth at all. When a very large deposit of tartar is cracked off, a vet can assess whether the tooth can be saved or needs extraction.

The second is gingivitis, which is caused when the gums around the teeth are inflamed. Generally, gums are pink, but when gums are inflamed, they are becoming red. Because the gums can contact with plaque or tartar on the teeth, it is easy to bleed.

The third of dental disease is gingival recession, which means that gums shrink away from the bottom, and in turn leading to the roots to be exposed. When there is too much recession and the roots of a tooth are exposed, we had better remove the tooth, and so it is possible to form a tooth root abscess.

The next is stomatitis, which can be seen commonly in cats but less frequently in dogs. This problem is similar to gingivitis, but it involves other areas of the mouth, including the lining of the cheeks and the tissue at the back of the mouth. It is easy for these areas to bleed.

Another is tooth decay, which is also known as cavities, and it is one of the most prevalent dental diseases in America. When there is plague which can combine with sugars or starches, tooth decay will be caused.

The next is neck lesions, which can be only seen in our feline patients. This kind of dental disease appears through the enamel of the tooth, which can lead to the exposure of pulp. We pay great attention to dental disease because dental disease cannot only cause pain within the mouth, but also cause other types of disease.

The last one is oral cancer, which is more serious and deadly. According to oral cancer foundation, in United States there are more than 300000 people who are diagnosed to have oral cancer. However, if diagnosed and treated earlier, the rate of curing this kind of dental disease is high.

Plublish Date: 2014-07-22

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