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Dentures of the Future May Be Real Teeth

Abstract: As dentures are accepted by more and more people, the future of denture is becoming a hot issue. What about the future of dentures? Dose it can develop to real teeth?

In 1781, when George Washington was going to be the president of America, he asked his doctor for a pair of pincers to help him fasten the wire of his teeth. His teeth were false, and he hand-carved them from hippopotamus ivory and cow’s teeth, and then his teeth were fastened to his mouth with a set of metal springs, which are the earliest dentures, said by shanghai dental.

Since then, dentures begin to develop, and soon new replacement that is more advanced than hippopotamus chopper appears, even if the hippopotamus choppers are a kind of real human teeth, which grown in laboratory dishes. Some scientists even hope that one day there can be several sets of teeth rather than two with the help of right biological triggers. And then similar to sharks, rodents or stingrays, there are several generations of teeth so that can be used to replace those worn out or rotted one.

With the development of nature, each tissue has its particular function, so there is nothing like being able to use real thing. However, there is a scientist who has managed to grow the real thing, or at least parts of it, in laboratories. During the experiment, the scientist used tissues from the extracted wisdom teeth, and then added genes to the tissues, which can help to form the outer shell of the tooth. In the meanwhile, the enamel of teeth is also formed, so cells can continue to replicate in culture, which is similar to the development of dentures.

The tooth enamel is different from most bones in the human body, which consists of cells that die off as the tooth forms. Therefore, dentists prefer to replace tooth enamel with fillings when enamel tissue rots. Usually, new filling materials should be tested firstly before used in dentures, and the materials are often tested on lung cell tissues because these cells can be reproduced well in culture. According to the scientists, to reach the target of dentures being real teeth in the future, scientists must first find the genes and proteins to regulate the tooth-growing process. And scientists can use mice to get those genes.

Plublish Date: 2014-07-15

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