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The Influence of Bad Teeth

Abstract: As more and more people focus on cosmetic dental, the influence of bad teeth is paid attention to. The influence of bad teeth is that the gaps may stop climbing the social ladder.

According to a top social scientist in Ismile shanghai dental , the gaps in our teeth may indicate our social status. It is said that there may be connection between the quality of our teeth and the quality of our life. The influence of bad teeth is as follows.

Sometimes, people with bad teeth may be discriminated, because from it we can know their living circumstances and what type of social demographic they come from. Like the obesity problems, the teeth problem is also becoming symptoms of the same set of inferences. This kind of phenomenon will be the next wave of discrimination, which is known as the first influence of bad teeth.

Eddie Crouch, who is from the British Dental Association, paid more attention to the issue. He thought that a noticeable gap between teenagers from deprived areas and teenagers from middle class backgrounds has business with bad teeth, which is caused by poor dental health. The influence of bad teeth is obvious among those teenagers.

Nowadays, more and more celebrities and the public require leading cosmetic dental surgeons, so that they can improve the appeal of their smile. Another influence of bad teeth is that people may lose confidence in their appearance, and depression may be in turn caused. Therefore, more and more people consider whiter teeth as an indication of social status and wealth. Then in order to avoid this kind of discrimination, more and more people tend to ask for cosmetic dental surgery for help.

In general, most people take measures like whitening, veneers and braces to solve the problems, and increase their confidence. However, when it goes wrong, people could be worse off. Sometimes, we may be jealous of the white teeth of celebrities in the advertising, so some people turn to a veneer, which is not encouraged by dentists. A veneer, which is used to make teeth whiter, is a thin layer of porcelain. Once it is placed on teeth, it will be glued on the teeth and can last for nearly ten years. Therefore, even though it may be useful for white teeth, it still has bad influence, such as the fall off or cracks of teeth.

In summary, when we focus on the influence of bad teeth, we must take proper measures.

Plublish Date: 2014-07-09

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