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Benefits of Dental Implants

Abstract: Many people have implanted a dental implant in Shanghai dental, but do they really know the benefits of it? The introduction of dental implant can help us to know the basic information of the implant and the benefits.

Our teeth are supposed to be used for our life time, but sometimes they cannot be used for that long. People may lose their teeth, caused by dental diseases or accidents. The only solution is to replace it. Replacing the loss teeth is not only good for the general health, but also beneficial to the other teeth. If the patient loses his teeth, he not only loses his ability to chew, but the missing teeth can cause other teeth to be lost, and may generate serious problems.

Also the loss of teeth may affect the loss of self-esteem and also may cause poor appearance. Dental implants are always the option for replacing the missing teeth. Or we could say this may be the best option compared to other treatments. That’s probably why the dentists in shanghai dental highly recommend this dental treatment. Dental implants are useful for replacing the loss tooth for more than 40 years, and are recognized as a good treatment choice.

But as a patient, he or she faces the decision whether or not use dental implants to replace the missing teeth. The decision is not made by the patient himself or herself.

There are several factors both the dentist and the patient should consider. And they should know not all people can be the candidate for dental implants.

The implanting of the dental implants requires certain amount of bones. If the patient does not have enough bones, though the surgery can still be operated, the implant cannot maintain long service time. If the patient has enough bone for the dental implant surgery, the replaced dental implants can be used as long as your natural teeth. So the number one benefit of the dental implants is the long serving time. A successful dental implant surgery means long time use without extra care. In Shanghai dental the longest serving time in record is 48 years.

The second benefit of the dental implant is about the material, titanium, it uses. Titanium is a new material which has the capability to flux with bones. Because of this advantage, titanium turns to be the most successful material for the time being.

Thirdly, the dental implant looks more natural than other dental solutions. It much likes human’s natural teeth. So other cannot tell the implant from the natural teeth, which is very good for patient’s self-esteem.

And the prices of dental implants are usually a little bit more expensive than other solutions. But if the patient is covered by the health insurance this really is not a big problem.

Dental implant really is the most successful invention in the 20th century, which has greatly improve the patients’ treatment and offers them a better way to deal with their missing or failing teeth.

Plublish Date: 2014-07-01

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