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Factors that Can Forge Dental Decay


Through our lives, we will always face many dental problems. And dental decay may be the most frequent problems we may be faced. In Shanghai, four in ten people are suffering from a dental decay. The data in children are even higher according to Shanghai dental. We should certainly know the factors which can cause dental decay, so that we can try to avoid dental decay and release our sufferings.

So what actually can cause dental decay? There are mainly two big causes, the individual factors and the dietary factors.

1. Individual factors

It is obvious that different individual have different dental decay problems. That’s probably because the tooth structure, the shape of the jaw and oral cavity are so different from person to person. The quantity and quality of the saliva are also very important in dental problems. All these individual factors are important in determining the fragility of our teeth. That’s probably the reason why some teeth are so vulnerable and also the reason why these teeth can be so easily corroded. For instance, some teeth may have sink marks, which makes food debris attach to the teeth for more time, also allows the bacteria to grow more easily. And in some cases, the structure of the teeth makes teeth harder to be cleaned.

As for the saliva, the teeth of the lower front part of the mouth are more exposed in the saliva. So the quality and quantity of the saliva matters in the problem of dental decay.

Besides all these, the bacteria which can cause dental decay in the mouth are also relevant. Streptococci and lactobacilli are bacteria which can turn sugars into acids.

Also, the way people brush their teeth, the frequency of teeth brush dental examination are also individual factors that may cause different dental problems. Some people may just brush their teeth once in the morning, while some others may brush the teeth whenever they want to. The right way to brush teeth matters a lot.

2. Dietary factors

Apart from individual factors, there are some dietary factors that can also make our teeth unhealthy.

What actually are the dietary factors we are talking to? Basically, they are the food characteristics, the frequency of eating and tooth products.

For so many years, we are told not to eat too much sugar or candies, which can lead to dental decay. But it is not just sweet food we should pay attention to. A research conducted by shanghai dental showed that although the sugar intake has been strongly controlled, the proportion of dental decay does not decline. It is obvious that different food have different characteristics. Some foods are more easily adhered to teeth. For example, compared to biscuits, the caramels can be easily cleared from the teeth.

These are just factors that may cause dental decay. But if we want to have good teeth, we should pay more attention to our teeth in daily use, and more importantly, we should see a dentist at regular intervals.

Plublish Date: 2014-06-24

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