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How to Maintain the Dental Implant

Abstract: After having a dental implant surgery in Shanghai dental , the most important thing the patient concerns is that how to maintain it and how the make the dental implant to serve more time.

Nothing can last forever without the help of maintenance. As for the dental implant, it is even more important.

So after the operation of a dental implant in shanghai dental , what kind of maintenance is needed for the long-term use of the dental implant? There are many factors that may affect the success. The first thing of the success is about the quality of the bone as well as the quantity. If the bone has a better condition and there are more bones there available for the dentist to operate, then the chance of success is higher. And the second important factor of the success should be the ability and experience of the dentist. Sometimes, we can say the most important thing of an operation is an experienced and talented dentist, and there is no replacement. And at last, the quality of the replacement of the implant will play a very important role in the success. If any of these factors has problems, then no one can ensure the service time of the dental implant.

When one patient goes to the hospital to maintain his or her dental implants, the dentist may goes through all these four steps.

1. Have a review of the patient’s medical history.

Some people may think this step is just a waste of time. Let me tell you this, this is definitely important and necessary. A person’s health and medical history should be updated and reviewed, every time the patient goes to the hospital. Because any changes of the patient’s health may have an impact of the maintenance success, and the patient always have new health problems. For example, if the patient has an uncontrolled disease, the percentage of failure may rise. So the review of the patient’s medical history is needed and essential and should be the first thing need to do.

2. Assess and monitor the dental implant.

The assessment of the implants should begin with the visual examination of the soft tissue sealing conditions. The dentist should record any condition of bleeding or inflammation. By doing this enables the dentist to monitor the situation of the patient.

3. Maintain the dental implant.

Step three should be conducted after the carefully assessment. The maintenance of the dental implant sometimes needs to polish the dental implant. By polishing, the service time of the dental implants can be greatly increased.

4. Make recommendations.

The last step of the maintenance is equally important to the other three steps. We should be careful with our teeth, especially when it is replaced by some artificial materials. If the patient does not want to have another dental operation, we should take care of our teeth in every tooth brushing.

All in all, we should all bury this in mind, the dentist is responsible for your bad teeth, we ourselves is the ones should protect the good teeth.

Plublish Date: 2014-06-20

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