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The Importance of Dental Health

Abstract: Some people think the dental health is not so important. How could dental health not important?! The dentist of Shanghai dental is going to show you the importance of dental health.

In the city of Shanghai, how many people pay their attention to their teeth? Do the citizens of Shanghai only care about their dental health only when they are hurting? According to a report written by the dedicated dentists of shanghai dental in 2011, almost 45.04% of their teeth are replaced. How high the statistics is.

We cannot say that the citizens of Shanghai don’t care about the health of their teeth, it is just they are not aware of it.

So how important the dental health is? Actually what should the Shanghai people know?

Before we get to the idea of dental health, we should first know the definition of dental health ? What do we mean, when we say dental health?

The first thing we should know about dental health, is that dental health related to almost all aspects of human health, also the functioning of the mouth. Except for the ability of making us to eat, teeth and gum gingiva also have impacts on how we speak, how we laugh. And decayed tooth, gingivitis, tooth loss and halitosis are all the dental problems may occur to our teeth.

Decayed tooth or tooth decay, also known as dental carries, is the most common tooth diseases for Shanghai citizens. The main reason of this disease is exposure to cariogenic foods, such as the candies.

Gingivitis which can also be called, inflammation of gums, is usually caused by bacterial infection. And gingivitis can also lead to tooth loss.

By knowing the basic information of dental health, and how badly it could be when we face a dental disease, we could easily understand the why dental health is so important.

It goes beyond question that the health of our teeth is linked to the health of the well-being in a lot of ways. If we want to have a good health, we should use teeth and gum gingiva to chew and swallow things. Apart from that, the bad dental health may also have impact on the way we speech and may also harm our self-esteem. Also in order to treat the dental diseases, both children and grown-ups should spend their time and money, which is quite a burden.

So what could we do to ensure the continuous health of our teeth? Talking to this aspect, we should know the thing called fluoride. Fluoride is believed to be the main factors good for preventing tooth from decaying and ensuring good oral health.

So the use the toothpaste which contains fluoride is quite good. Almost all citizens in Shanghai use toothpaste with fluoride. Do not forget to brush your teeth at least twice a day in the morning and in the afternoon.?

Plublish Date: 2014-06-19

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