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Basic Dental Problems We Should Know

Abstract: In the lifetime of a person, he or she must have or had some kind of dental problems. Some of these problems are minor ones, but some are very serious problems which need surgical treatment immediately. Although there are so many dental problems, but the common dental problems are only nine. By knowing the reasons of these problems can help us better prevent and treat the diseases.

Dental problems are never funny. To those who have some dental diseases, it likes living in the hell. But the good news is that, most dental problems can be easily prevented. Knowing the common dental problems and their causes, can make you know better about preventing them.

1. Bad breath

Many people suffer from bad breath. In Shanghai, thousands of patients consult dentists about bad breath. Bad breath which can also be called as halitosis, may lead to embarrassment. In Shanghai, about 85% of people have the problem of persistent bad breath. Many factors can lead to bad breath, such as gun disease, oral cancer or the bacteria in the mouth.

2. Tooth decay

Tooth decay is the second common dental problem in Shanghai. Tooth decay, sometimes also be called as tooth caries, is caused by acid which corrodes the teeth. The best way to prevent this dental problem is brushing teeth twice a day, better with fluoride toothpaste.

3. Gum problems

Studies in shanghai dental showed that gum problems are always linked to hearts attacks. Also the gum diseases are the main causes of tooth loss.

4. Oral cancer

Cancer are serious and deadly, oral cancer even more so. Millions of people are affected by oral cancer. Oral cancer often shows in mouth, lips or throat. And it is curable if it is diagnosed and treated in the early stage.

5. Mouth sore

There are several types of different mouth sore diseases. Usually this is not a serious problem, but if the mouth sores for over two weeks, then there definitely is something wrong with it.

6. Tooth erosion

Tooth erosion is usually the loss of tooth structure, which is caused by acid. Though it may sounds terrible, but it can be easily prevented.

7. Tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is a common dental problem too. Tooth sensitivity means pain or discomfort of the teeth when contacts with the sweets, cold air or cold drinks. In Shanghai, most people have the problem of tooth sensitivity. Some people even have the experience of discomfort when brushing.

8. Toothache

It is said that, toothache is not ill, ache to life. I cannot imagine any dental problems worse than toothache. But fortunately, toothache can be prevented by visiting the dentist frequently.

9. Unattractive smile

Some may ask how this could also be a problem of dental health? That’s because the structure of the oral cavity is important to people’s smile. So nowadays, more and more people are seeking dental treatment for a beautiful smile.

There are some fundamental methods to prevent all these dental problems above, such as brushing teeth twice a day, using floss daily, visiting a dentist frequently, brushing teeth in the right way, no eating at bed time, and so on.

Plublish Date: 2014-06-18

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