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Temporary Filling VS Permanent Filling

Abstract: Dental materials there are many to choose different materials under different circumstances. Many dental patients on long-term temporary restoration and repair do not know, do something to distinguish this.

Dental materials there are many to choose different materials under different circumstances.

Ismile shanghai dental experts also stressed the need to carefully select a temporary fix and permanent repair.

According to the material in the teeth missing hole internal energy retention time, generally can be divided into short-term use material and use for a long time.

Short-term use of material may be used in the treatment of temporary sealing hole; in the process of clove oil of zinc oxide cement can be used for 2 weeks. Instead of dentin defect long-term retention in the hole, such as silver amalgam or composite resin are long-term use of fillings, namely permanent fillings.

(1)Silver amalgam: mercury and silver tin alloy powder compounds interacting together, up to clinical use. And more exposed to ecclesial force for Class I, II class regardless beautiful caves and cave Class V; Used for hole sleeve ring abutment teeth; dental post and core crown restoration or repair of the inner crown restorations. With dental amalgam restoration should be to maintain a certain size, in order to withstand the ecclesial force without breaking; `medical education network collected the silver amalgam and tooth structure does not have the cohesiveness, box-shaped hole should be prepared, well-designed the retention form, so that the two fit tightly fitted to each other, good moisture barrier, to make dental amalgam restoration firm and lasting.

(2)Composite resin : a plus in a lot of organic synthetic resin specially treated inorganic filler material , which by means of the tooth surface treatment technology, so bonded to dental hard tissue , multi- hole for Class III , V Class hole filling ; also has high strength composite resin can be used in posterior class I, II class cavity filling. Medical Education Network collected more photosensitive ` cured composite resin , its color stability, strong adhesion , especially suitable for anterior esthetic restoration ; chemically cured composite resin, easy to operate , although slight color change for posterior and anterior teeth tongue ( palate ) side holes are also suitable.

(3) Poly carboxylic acid ester cement (also called Polyacrylate cement): a bottom and cement materials. Base materials can be used for hole , sealing the hole material within six months , the root canal filling material can be used for crown and bridge dental adhesive cement to repair , can be added as an excipient plug periodontal treatment agent.

(4)Glass ionomer cement polymerization: a light stimulus for the pulp of dental hard tissue bonded, but lower strength than amalgam versatile material. Suitable for class III, V type hole, used for baby teeth filling, nest hole sealing agent in order to prevent tooth decay.

(5)Zinc phosphate cement powder: also known as long-lasting cement, zinc cement. For deep hole double bottom of the upper bearing materials, within six months of cavity sealing materials, but also for the crown, bridge of dental restoration.

(6)Zinc oxide eugenic cement: cement, also known as temporary, butoxy cream. Double bottom for deep hole bottom without bearing materials, or materials bearing a single bottom for 1 to 2 weeks of the temporary closure of the cavity material , also used as a root canal filling material , excipient plug as periodontal treatment agent.

Plublish Date: 2014-06-17

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