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The Solution to How to Repair Tooth Filling

Abstract: Patients with dental fillings dental technology to bring health and self-confidence. But it is not a panacea, there will be some problems. So how to fix dental fillings do?

Also called dental filling, dental filling procedure that is terminated dental caries, the main method to restore tooth structure defect restoration of teeth appearance and function. The specific steps are rubbed with a dental drill carious tooth tissue, preparation into a certain hole shape, and then, with the filling material to restore its original appearance and function. Mainly for the treatment of dental caries, depending on the circumstances, the use of different dental filling materials layered tissue defect.

Although dental fillings can make teeth to restore the original look, but if not handled properly, there will be a problem

Ismile shanghai dental hospital clinical experts pointed out that the remedial measures for problems after dental filling is required to analyze specific issues

First, if the defect is not, one can make complete; Second, if the defect is large, in particular, has come to the depth of the pulp, you have to do root canal treatment, you may need to complete a few times; Third, the defect large teeth, but also do crowns (i.e. the general said, braces, porcelain teeth); Fourth, it is rotten mess teeth pulled out only later do dentures.

Treatment to repair dental fillings varied detailed instructions for doing this porcelain tooth.

1, porcelain dental restoration has good compatibility

Porcelain dental restorations in compatibility are very good, especially the production of bio- precious metal alloys and all-ceramic dental porcelain teeth, because it belongs to the inert elements which have anti- corrosive, non-allergic tissue compatibility is good. The ordinary stainless steel porcelain teeth, after the trial period, the gingival margin edge of a dark gray appearance.

2, porcelain teeth with good marginal.

Some of my friends because they can not find suitable dental restorations own symptoms , and sore gums all day , and some even caused bad breath, so that makes normal life was affected teeth . The emergence of porcelain teeth solved the problem. Edge production requirements porcelain tooth assembly in child gum 1 mm, also can use a dedicated water-insoluble adhesive materials and ensures that the sealing edge.

3, porcelain teeth are at a high temperature ceramic powder and metal materials integration, made into composite materials restoration, which has a ceramic hard, tough with metal, porcelain dental restorations and beautiful nature.

4, Porcelain teeth with high wear resistance

Porcelain dental restoration materials mainly composed of ceramic powder , made from real teeth color adjustable color as permanent discoloration, porcelain teeth color better , refraction related to real teeth consistent ( gold, platinum )

Plublish Date: 2014-06-16

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