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Steps on How to Get Tooth Filling Replaced

Abstract: Many people do not understand the process of filling teeth, feeling confused, do simple description in this, and I hope to those who need help

Warm gutter perch filling system is heated to soften gutter injecting a molten state as an alternative to the traditional root canal instrumentation cold lateral condensation filling. Because it can quickly and accurately, dense three-dimensional root canal been widely respected doctors, will bring revolutionary impact on the root canal filling.

Warm gutter perch filling system, with Ismile shanghai dental as the typical dental, and its use is as follows:

1, Select heating pen, heating the tip is consistent with the primary tooth taper of rubber tip. Heating the tip is placed at the point ended with a card inside the root canal, the physiological foramen engaging pitch around about 5mm. Rubber sheet to adjust the heating nib Dent facial highest reference point pre- heating the tip can be bent slightly to accommodate the curved root canal.

2, The dried root canal, will try a good working length of the main pointy end of the gutta-percha removal of 0.5mm, coated with a thin layer of root canal sealers on root canal wall

3, The tip will be heated gutter perch root canal mouth hot -off

4, With a large vertical pressurize in pressurized to the root canal port side

5, The heating nib placed on the mouth of the root canal gutter perch , touch and pressure heating switch , while steady pressure to the square root . Heating the tip pressed to point 3mm ~ 4mm at engagement, release heat switch; stop heating 10 seconds in heat one second removed

6, To continue to root side pressure, the pressure of the tip is heated to the point of 1mm from engaging

7, Continued sustained pressure for 10 seconds, when the teeth to prevent gum from the hot to cold shrink

8, Continued to pressure the square root while heating switch a second touch and pressure, loosen the heating switch, one second after the pause, fast heating nib extraction root canal. (Note: With root canal root canal thirds of the gutta-percha by heating the tip)

9, After removing the heating tip, quickly pressurize vertical compaction of gutta-percha apical at 10, Filling a good apical / 3 after dispensing with a heat gun after root canal filling 2/ 3

11, The needle will be inserted into the gutta-percha root canal, dental and make contact with the plastic needle gutter perch apical 1 / 3 of.

12,The pressurized injection of gutta-percha. Moving slowly to the coronal maintain reverse thrust to help prevent air bubbles. Each injection of a certain amount of gutta-percha , immediately adapt to vertical compaction pressure is eventually injected gutta-percha root canal filling to mouth , injection gutta-percha to the root canal mouth immediately with large vertical in the pressurize Department compaction.

Plublish Date: 2014-06-13

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