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Tips on How to Care for Tooth Filling

Abstract: Health is the capital of life, after finishing dental filling, a number of issues that need attention. Shanghai dental professionals are happy to provide tips on caring for tooth filling.

With the continuous improvement of living standards of the majority of the people, everyone on the dental health problems have gradually pay attention to it. Healthy teeth are intact, and once with dental caries (tooth decay) teeth will defect. Based on the degree of dental caries loss can be divided into two treatment methods: For dental lesions less, not hurt tooth nerve (pulp) teeth, you can do the clinical corrosion to filling in the tooth structure, generally once complete treatment. But for more serious dental disease, has spread even teeth per apical dental pulp tissue, it must be taken to remove the pulp ways to save teeth.

The so-called dental filling, also known as fillings, dental surgery that is filling, dental caries is terminated, the main method of tooth tissue defects restore the appearance and function of dental restoration.

Ismile shanghai dental experts said that, depending on the actual situation of each person, the fillings should pay attention to the following aspects:

1, the day of fillings should avoid using up the side of the teeth to eat, because most dental materials need some time to harden. When fully cured dental materials, dental chewing function can continue to play. >>> Recommended reading: Different methods of dental care at different ages

2, if found cracked or loose fillings matter should go to the dentist visits there as soon as possible because the teeth do not hurt and do not ignore it, otherwise it will become increasingly large cavities , there is still pain may occur.

3, listen to your doctor, do not just make good teeth to chew food and hard objects. After the fillings should generally be in 2 or 3 days and then ipsilateral chewing food is appropriate to prevent tooth off and feeding off.

4, where there is a slight pain after dental fillings, can first self-observation, and some mild discomfort and pain to go away. Not only does such as pain relief, the opposite appears to further aggravate or bite pain, tenderness , hot and cold stimuli pain, spontaneous pain at night , should go to hospital for examination and treatment referral , to identify the cause and eliminate pain.

5, for more serious large carious tooth defects, often due to lack of resistance of the tooth itself, prone to chewing teeth after dental restoration fold, for the kind of tooth fillings should be done on the recommendation of the physician's patients tooth crown shell protection against crown fold.

6, do not use within a week stubby toothbrush prosthesis surface, because of its light-cured resin curing degree is only 50%, up to 90% within 24 hours, 100% after 7 days;

7, no prosthesis bite hard, drink less tea, less smoking, avoid using metal.

8, according to the doctor's appointment to timely referral

Plublish Date: 2014-06-12

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