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How to Choose Tooth Filling Ingredients

Abstract: How to choose a safe dental filling material, I believe that many people are particularly concerned about. In this, for different materials to make a brief introduction.

For dental filling material , anterior and posterior teeth using some preferred distinction, the nature of the material wear resistance , compressive strength, brittleness , etc. , in the current listing of approved materials , the material for this particular oral environment Leaving aside the quality is not that its most basic requirement is nontoxic to humans .

Described briefly below: now commonly used in clinical tooth cavity filling materials:

(1).Silver amalgam filling material: wear resistance, compressive strength, stable performance, no stimulation of pulp and other characteristics, but because it was metallic colors, and natural tooth color vary greatly in appearance and poor, it is generally used in the dental cavity filling. PS: the presence of a small number of patients allergic to amalgam case (headache, dizziness, blurred vision, etc.), the need to pay attention

(2)Composite resin filling materials : currently ideal tooth-colored restorative material , the most prominent advantage is that it has another appearance high mechanical strength to withstand high mastication forces brittle quality tough and difficult to break , but the presence of a polymerization shrinkage , poor wear resistance insufficient , and the pulp has a certain period of time after the filling stimulation (mainly no bottom to protect vital teeth ) , usually used for restoration and repair of non- ecclesial surface of posterior teeth before

(3)Glass incomer cement filling material : pulp irritation of pressure , good adhesive properties , closed good performance, secondary caries prevention , aesthetics amalgam good but less than the composite resin poor characteristics , but mild dissolved in saliva , the mechanical strength is better than two, usually used for anterior and posterior cavity and non- deciduous ecclesial repair of all types of hole shape for cavities resulting cavity is particularly applicable under normal circumstances .

ISMILE shanghai dental experts say that, in general, weigh the pros and cons, the doctor will make a choice for you. In generally 50-200 range, but the price difference is bigger, and the same kind of material has the branch of domestic and imported, the price also is not the same, it is recommended to use imported materials, all aspects of the performance is better than domestic. In addition, after the dental doctor will usually ask you bite up high is not high, both in the diagnosis of presence of ecclesial highs, then you need to seriously self-test, if there is a high to inform the doctor, grinding high in addition, if we had not thought high and later found unwell should also be timely return the original fillings for processing, or high will increase the partial pressure of material make it uneven force, increase the possibility of the split, and partial occlusion of the pressure will be spread to root has damage on root cause pain.

Plublish Date: 2014-06-11

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