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Seek Professional Advice to Deal with Enamel Loss

Abstract: When we find the traces of enamel loss, we might as well go to the dentist in shanghai dental to seek professional dental advice and the features of enamel loss to stop it from deteriorating.

Owing to the high mineral content of the tooth enamel, it is not only the hardest tissue in human body but also a fragile part to cavities that result from a chronic de-mineralization process. As a matter of fact, this process takes place for a variety of reasons among which tooth decay might be the most important cause. At the same time, features of enamel loss may also result from sugars from candies, soft drinks, and fruit juices. These acid foods play a significant role in tooth decay, which would lead to the damage or even the destruction of tooth enamel. What is more, there are a great number of bacteria in the mouth, which also lead to different features of enamel loss.

For instance, when sucrose coast the surface of the mouth, some kinds of intraoral bacteria would interact with it. Thus lactic acid will be formed and result in the decrease of pH in the mouth and the de-mineralization of enamel crystals. As a consequence, greater bacterial invasion is allowed deeper into the tooth and different types of bacteria will facilitate with the progress of tooth destruction. In fact, if we take proper care of our teeth every day, we can maintain healthy gums and teeth easily in the long run. Of course it will take some time to do proper oral care, but small things done every day could help us save lot.

As a matter of fact, shanghai dental has pointed out that according to tooth morphology, features of enamel loss can be most commonly found in such sites as deep grooves, pits, and fissures of the tooth enamel. These areas are very sensitive to bacteria and acid contents simply because it is impossible to reach when we clean our teeth with a toothbrush. Once a variety of bacteria is allowed to multiply in these locations, we may sense features of enamel loss. If this ever happens, we would better go to shanghai dental to seek professional dental advice. In general, when de-mineralization of the tooth enamel occurs, shanghai dental would make use of a sharp instrument such as a dental explorer to deal with the location of the decay and after the treatment from shanghai dental, the tooth enamel will become stronger. However, if tooth enamel loss has not been discovered in time, it might become difficult to do any restoration job.

This is because when the tooth enamel continues to become de-mineralized, it will be unable to prevent the invasion of harmful bacteria and the underlying dentin will be affected as well. What is more, if the dentin that normally supports the tooth enamel is damaged or destroyed by decay or some other types of physiologic conditions, the tooth enamel will be unable to compensate for its brittleness. As a result, it will eventually break away from the tooth in an easy manner.

Plublish Date: 2014-06-10

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