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How to Deal With Enamel Loss

Abstract: According to doctors from shanghai dental, to deal with enamel loss effects, patients may have some dairy products, drink some water after each meal and brush teeth correctly.

Tooth enamel is composed of minerals, water, and organic materials. It is formed on the tooth and once it is fully formed, it will not contain such tissues as blood vessels and nerves. The high percentage of minerals in tooth enamel determines that de-mineralization may pose a threat to the loss of tooth enamel. Of course we have re-mineralization to repair damage to the tooth. However, we should understand that damage beyond certain degree cannot be repaired by this process. Owing to the significance of tooth enamel, its maintenance and repair of human has been regarded as one of the primary concerns of dentistry.

Generally speaking, tooth enamel varies in thickness. For instance, tooth enamel is found to be thickest at the cusp area with more than two millimeters and thinnest at the junction border with less than one millimeter. Moreover, the color of tooth enamel may vary from light yellow to grayish white. In most cases, it takes a while for enamel loss effects to occur since it take time for bacteria and food particles to be combined together to form plaque. To be more specific, if plaque has formed, only anaerobic bacteria can survive at the bottom of the plaque layer that is attached to the tooth. It is these anaerobic bacteria that produce the acids that erode tooth enamel.

To deal with enamel loss effects, you may try to have some dairy products such as a glass of milk or a piece of cheese because dairy products can prevent acids produced by anaerobic bacteria from causing tooth enamel loss. In addition, shanghai dental suggests that to eliminate the enamel loss effects, you may drink a little amount of water after each meal. This is because water can help to wash the acid contents away although it cannot neutralize them. Thus water can protect your tooth enamel from acid contents in an effective way. What is more, you can make water more effective by gargling and rinsing your mouth after each meal, which is easy to do yet very helpful in tooth protection. Even when you are out with friends or colleagues, you just need to take a quick trip to the bathroom after each meal to do this job.

At the same time, to reduce the enamel loss effects, it is of great importance to brush your teeth in a correct way with the right tooth brush. According to shanghai dental, a soft tooth brush is better for your teeth and tooth enamel as well. Some people might think that firmer brushes would be more effective. However, firmer brushers will only abrade the tooth enamel and increase the chances of chemical erosion. Shanghai dental also proposes that fluoride toothpaste should be used to strengthen tooth enamel.

Plublish Date: 2014-06-06

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