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Smoking and the Risk of Tooth Loss

Abstract: Smoking is one of the causes of tooth loss, which is especially true with women smokers although they might have better dental habits than men.

Tooth loss may severely impacts people’s dietary choices, esthetics and overall quality of life. As a matter of fact, there are a number of causes of tooth loss among which smoking is an important factor. Shanghai dental has carried out a series of experiments and drawn a conclusion that smoking is linked to higher risk of tooth loss, especially with in women. In general, women tend to be better at regular brushing, flossing and having regular dental exams. However, according to a new study by shanghai dental , if women have become heavy smokers in a long period of time, they may have a high risk of tooth loss due to some kinds of periodontal diseases.

To unravel some of the causes of tooth loss in women who smoke on a regular basis, shanghai dental makes a careful investigation into the comprehensive smoking histories of more than one thousand women. As it turns out, women who have smoking habits are in general more likely to experience more tooth loss than smoking men of the same age, regardless of their better oral health practices such as brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist frequently. What is more, the study also notes that smoking cigarettes may accelerate periodontal disease while nicotine has the negative effects to reduce bone density and bone mineral factors.

Therefore, shanghai dental proposes that smoking might be an important variable in the causes of tooth loss for smoking women. To be more specific, the heavy smokers in the study are defined as those who have more than twenty five packs of cigarettes or the equivalent of those in one single month. In comparison to those who never smoke, these heavy smokers are nearly twice as likely to report having experienced tooth loss and more than six times as likely to have experienced tooth loss due to some sorts of periodontal diseases.

During the study, participants are asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire about their smoking history and every participant takes part in a comprehensive oral examination about their living habits and smoking habits. Eventually they need to report to dental examiners about their reasons for each tooth lost. In some cases, the dental records of some participants will also be reviewed. Shanghai dental finds out heavy smokers in general have significantly higher odds of experiencing tooth loss than those who never smoke and that the more women smoked, the more likely they will experience tooth loss due to some kind of periodontal disease. On the other hand, shanghai dental finds that smoking is a less important factor in tooth loss due to caries, which is an important distinction since periodontal disease has long been considered as a chronic, inflammatory condition that may be related to the development of oral cancer.

Plublish Date: 2014-06-05

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