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Acidic Food and Enamel Loss

Abstract: To avoid enamel loss, we might as well have acidic food in moderation and drink acidic or sugary liquids with a straw. Besides we need to know what causes of enamel loss.

Scientific research has indicated that there are a number of the causes of enamel loss. Accordingly shanghai dental proposes some ways to protect the precious yet fragile tooth enamel from erosion of various chemical ingredients. Tooth enamel is much more than a cosmetic appearance. It is considered the hardest part of human body and works as an effective firewall against harmful items. Tooth enamel protects the dentin in many ways since the dentin contains nerves inside the teeth. If tooth enamel is damaged or lost, significant discomfort will be caused when you are having warm or sweet foods and drinks that could have been savored pleasantly with a relish. What is more, damaged tooth enamel will turn into cavities which has been s associated with serious maladies such as heart disease and cancer.

Having understood the causes of enamel loss, you may try to protect your tooth enamel in a simple manner every day. As a matter of fact, it will not take you much time or money to do this job. All you need is some simple dietary and hygienic choice. To begin with, shanghai dental points out that acidic food and drink might as well be avoided, so it is with those beverages that contain a lot of acids or sugars. For instance, soda is widely known for having a lot of sugar in it. If some of the sugar content remains in your mouth after you have some soda, native bacteria will begin to consume these sugars. Then the bacteria will produce acids that eat away at the tooth enamel. In fact, many kinds of foods, even fruits such as grapes and oranges, contain a lot of acid.

Therefore, shanghai dental suggests that we should have acidic food in moderation in order to protect our tooth enamel. At the same time, it might be a great idea to drink acidic or sugary liquids with a straw. Many beverages are desirable because they contain a lot of nutrient qualities. By imbibing those cool beverages with a straw, you will have the acid contents bypass your teeth and go straight down your throat. Although some of the acid contents will still remain in your mouth, your teeth will be less exposed to them if you drink these beverages directly from a glass or can. For those who have the living habit to take meals that contain a lot of acid contents and sugary food, shanghai dental advises that they may finish their meals with some dairy products. For example, after you have a can of coke, you may have a hunk of cheese. In general, dairy products are capable of neutralizing the acids before they can damage your tooth enamel.

Plublish Date: 2014-06-04

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