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How to Get Away of Gingival Recession?

Abstract: What’s the gingival recession and how to prevention it? Well, professionals of shanghai dental will give you some professional tips and treatments.

Shanghai is a leading-edge city in China, and also is one of the biggest cities in the world. It is the economic and commercial center of China. No one should doubt that Shanghai has the top technology and advanced medicinal equipment. Benefited from these,shanghai dental has achieved great development.

A large amount of dental hospitals in Shanghai are doing well. For instance,iSMILE Dental Clinic is a nice one. It has world class technology, reasonable price,first-class service. According to the dean of iSMILE Dental Clinic, who major in Oral Health Maintenance,says that in China, there are four of five adults threatened by the root of tooth decay. It follows that tooth care becomes more and more important. The latest batch of epidemiological sampling survey data shows that 82% of adults have gingival recession phenomenon in our country. Gingival recession, however, is the chief culprits of ‘the root of tooth decay.

“The reason for this phenomenon is that gingival atrophy damaged by inflammation makes the tooth neck and root more easily indulges tooth decay formation than the tooth crow. Root of tooth decay is not easy to repair; it appears on the side of the root segment. The big decayed spot, shallow depth make the work of adhesion of repair material very hard.

The tooth decay layer has hurt the teeth even more hurt the deep of dental pulp before adults feel pain,in this case,it may cause pulpitis, and more seriously it may lead to tooth loss. So, for the sake of teeth health, what we should do?

The first point is the choice of toothpaste. We should choose the toothpaste which contains fluoride Thai formula,Not only does it protect the teeth ,but guard the deep root . Such as iSMILE Dental Clinic original fluoride Thai formula with excellent performance mothproof function, it is proved that the incidence is reduced efficiently by up to 67%.

Secondly, choose the high quality abrasive toothpaste. This abrasive could get rid of the filth and plaque.

Finally, start oral health examination. The purpose of examination is to eradicate the plaque in the teeth threshold. At the same time, eat fiber foods as much as possible to massage the gums.

In addition to, use health care toothbrush, and master the right way to brush your teeth.

There are two unfamiliar manners to our citizen: the oral health examination and chew sugar-free gum after the meal and snack foods. While, the fundamental way to change this situation is to cultivate the professional oral health talents to strengthen the oral talent groups, also only like this, we could have ability to protect our teeth well.

Plublish Date: 2014-05-30

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