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Shanghai Dental Professionals Talk About Orthodontics Methods

Abstract: Orthodontics can make your ugly teeth become more neat and beautiful. Shanghai dental professionals will give some tips or suggestion for you.

Orthodontics is to make originally misplaced, ugly teeth become pretty neat. Orthodontics should be very good, and the key is the method selected when shaping the teeth. Generally speaking, there are two ways of orthodontists: braces corrective and cosmetic dental restoration of beauty crown.

Braces corrective. The shanghai dental professionals saying: the way of straightening teeth by wearing braces is mainly applied to minors, because the alveolar bone of minors has not yet finalized, and thus the result of adopting corrective braces is better. Nowadays, there is also an invisible braces which can quietly correct the teeth in the invisible way.

Cosmetic dental restoration of the beauty crown. The way of cosmetic dental restoration of beauty crown is mainly suitable for adults. Because adults' teeth have grown and bones tend to be stabilized, in which case the way of straightening teeth with braces is less effective than that minors wear braces. And the way of corrective braces will have a relatively good result generally in two years. Most adults think this process is really too long.

The beauty crown is the most popular of a new beauty dental technology, which is different from the porcelain teeth and dental veneers. Especially in recent years, The beauty crown is injected into the new technology to create the latest 3D Bionic Beauty crown. 3D Bionic Beauty crown technology just costs seven days to complete beauty dental restoration, which is fast, accurate, efficient and safe. And this new technology takes the advantage of advanced digital equipment, using all-ceramic materials imported, with 3D digital sculpture positioned, and supported by professional doctors in strict accordance with beauty dental aesthetic standards, to create the perfect white teeth.

Beauty crown advantages are as follows:

Not hurt the original teeth: without damaging the teeth and gums, the beauty crown make the teeth trimmed under the alveolar bone morphology, only finely grinding irregular protruding parts ,without tooth extraction.

Natural persistence: Germany VITA calorimetric techniques, with 26 order tooth color hierarchical analogy, allocate the most suitable tooth color for you, and adopt three-dimensional figures forming, in order to make teeth show lasting natural luster.

No adverse reactions: there are no phenomena ever existed, such as swollen gums, black lines and so on.

Life-long beauty teeth: if they can be maintained as doctors said, it can be a lifetime experience.

Rugged wear: beauty crown teeth fit closely with the original, the effective protection of the original tooth, natural beauty.

What's more, whether appearance or firmness can be comparable to the real teeth through the beauty crown dental cosmetic restoration.

Shanghai dentists say that the majority select cosmetic dental restoration of beauty crown. Cosmetic dental restoration of beauty crown, is attracting more and more people to use, becoming a darling of dental health and beauty!

Plublish Date: 2014-05-29

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